A detailed Review and Interview

CAT SFX are the latest band to be signed up to Alan Mcgee’s Creation23 Record Label. The band comprises of Lead Singer/Lyricist Cat, Patrick on Guitar, Jacob on Bass and Gordon on drums.

Their debut single on Creation23 “Doom Generation” was all set for release, but due to the current pandemic this was put on hold. Not one to be deterred though, Cat took this set back in her stride and instead decided to release the B-Side to the proposed single and to make her own accompanying video all entirely from the comfort of her own home!

So, what do we make of this tenacious, undeterred new band on the scene? The Songbird recently had a little listen and here’s our thoughts.

“Have you ever seen Atomic Blonde? It’s a wicked film, that is helped in no small measure by the fact that it’s sound track is out of fucking hand – the biggest compliment I can pay ‘Stay Young’ by CAT SFX is that it would not be one bit out of place on that list.

The film is set in Berlin in the 80’s and the music is a colourful splash of vibrancy at key points in the movie against an otherwise pretty dour backdrop –  

The disconnect during that time amongst people was palpable and suspicion reigned supreme – and this tune could almost be a commentary from that time, though it refers to the digital age.  

It talks of detachment and an almost aloof attitude towards life – the scurge of the modern citizen – taught to negate feelings with a quick fix of something (or perhaps someone) selfish – rather than be vulnerable and reach out and touch and feel something tangible and real – ‘it’s no mean feat, to fall in love every week’ …. Ooooof.

I’m always loathe to try to quantify a new piece of music against something comparable from the past – though inevitably that’s my job – it’s made even more difficult with ‘Stay Young’ because the songs opening bar put me in mind of ‘The Summer of ‘69’ before turning into something more akin to the likes of ‘Blondie’ and then delving into a bit of punk, before crashing into The Foo Fighters – whilst still managing to maintain an 80’s style synth vibe.

Although “STAY YOUNG” is in fact only the flip side to the proposed debut single from CAT SFX the track portrays brilliance in its own right and leaves me most definitely wanting to hear more from this fresh new band on the scene. I, for one can’t wait to hear more from CAT SFX and its seems I’m not alone in this train of thought given that both the track and accompanying video received an exclusive premiere in the highly revered CLASH MAGAZINE. Surely that statement is enough in itself to demonstrate the caliber of the band were dealing with here!

I invite you to have a listen and see what you make of it for yourself.  

The Songbird also recently caught up with Front woman Cat for a little chat about the new music and about all things CAT SFX

Hello and welcome! Thanks for taking some time out and for agreeing to have a little chat with us following the release of your B-Side teaser track STAY YOUNG.

Stay Young would appear to us to take its musical inspiration from several genres and with that in mind, who/what would you say your musical influences are and where do you get your song writing inspiration from? 

I’d say my biggest musical influences are NIN, Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Placebo. I take my song writing inspiration from real life and what is happening around me.

What’s your favourite song of your own and why?

Doom Generation (the debut single which is due for release on the Creation23 Label) as it pretty much sums up my feelings in 3 minutes.

What message are your trying to get across with your music?

You’re not alone in how you’re feeling. Mental health is not taboo. It’s OK to not be okay. 

What do you/ your band bring to the music scene that you think it is otherwise lacking? 

There’s a blinding amount of talent out there to be fair, I think we just do our thing and add to the mix.

As a band in this modern digital world do you think times are harder now for new music to be heard and what’s your advice to other bands for getting themselves out there?

Just keep smashing away at it, be true to yourself. 

What’s going on with you at the moment? Do you have any gigs planned or upcoming events?

We’ve just put out the flip side to our future single “Stay Young” and as I was bored in iso I decided to make a video to accompany it! (the Track and Video were premiered in Clash Magazine and can be viewed on You Tube). The single of Doom Generation/Stay Young will be coming out later in the year on the Creation23 Label

We hear its quite unique as a video and totally sums up our current situation…..

Yeah, well the song is all about modern life and love in the digital age. When it came to making the video it was always going to be difficult due to social distancing and isolation, but then I came up with the idea of inviting friends, family and fans all to make their own little videos and to put them altogether for the final product. I was really thrilled with how well it turned out. A music video featuring so many people and made entirely in lock down. Now that’s no mean feat! I mean I was stoked when CLASH said that they liked it and wanted to premiere it.

What’s been the best gig you’ve played so far and what would be your dream gig to play?

Ha! We were just about to do our first show as a band when Covid broke out, so we’ve had to postpone that for a while. I can’t wait to get out there and start performing in front of an audience. My dream gig would be headline at Reading Festival.

Who would you most like to share a stage with (past or present) ?

I would of loved to have shared a stage with Nirvana and a dream would be to be up there with Trent Reznor.

What’s the best thing and worst thing about being in a band?

No down points for me, I’ve always loved band life. There’ nothing else like it!

What three words best sum you up as a band?

Cute But Psycho!

You can subcribe to the CAT SFX site on You Tube where you’ll also find the track and video to Stay Young and the single DOOM GENERATION is due to be released on Creation23 later in the year. For details of upcoming gigs and release dates, see Creation23 on Instagram.


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cat_sfx

Creation23 Label https://www.instagram.com/creation23label

Review and Interview by Sally Newman and Bobby Smith

Photo credits Cat SFX