Cat SFX is the joint band and brainchild of two creative friends Cat Speranza and Gordon Mills Jnr.

Cat is no stranger to the music scene having been in bands since the tender age of 16. Her first band, The Vincent Fiasco played several high-profile support slots during their time with bands such as Interpol and it was at this time that Cat first caught the attention of Alan McGee who staged the band at his legendary Death Disco Club.

Gordon is not only the co-songwriter in the band, but he also mixes and produces the tracks as well as playing the drums.

After The Vincent Fiasco split, Cat moved to Milan to pursue a career as a professional songwriter with Sony ATV. whilst here she utilised her talents in a more of a behind the scenes manner, scoring hits for an array of rising stars, most notably including Italian sensations: The Kolors who with Cat’s help, went onto achieve meteoric success in their home country with a clutch of smash singles and a 4x platinum selling album.

After moving back to London and with a fire in her belly, Cat was ready to take centre-stage once again and make her voice heard loud and clear. She met up with old friend Gordon Mills and with Patrick Murphy and Jacob Morris joining the line-up, Cat SFX was born.

As mentioned above, the Band Cat SFX (Cat Side Effects) is made up of Patrick Murphy on Guitar, Jacob Morris on Bass, Gordon Mills Jnr on Drums and lead vocalist & lyricist Cat Speranza.

The first single from the band DOOM GENERATON was released on Alan Mcgee’s Creation23 Label in July 2020. It was received to much critical acclaim and firmly put Cat SFX back in the realm of being respected and revered recording artists.

Watch the video for DOOM GENERATION here now.

The next single from Cat SFX is entitled REUNITE and its the latest collaborative writing effort from band members Cat and Gordon. It’s a hard hitting post-punk track exploding with assertive lyrics demanding for social change. We are told that the track was written in just half a day and coming in at just under 3-minutes long, it literally screams of a spontaneous outpouring of uncensored and raw emotion in the artistic medium of song.

As electrifying guitars fuzz, fizzle and fight a battle with thunderous drums and pounding basslines, lead singer Cat comes to life with her harmonious yet forthright lyrics producing a melting pot bubbling together all of these elements to result in a cacophany of sound executed with precision timing.

with attention grabbing lyrics such as :-

“This racist homophobic shit, your whitewashed bible belt critique, I’m pro-choice, you’re no choice, you plead the 5th, I use my voice…”

Its plain to see that this is a no-nonsense track dealing with real life issues such as poverty and inequality. When asked, Cat said of the track:-

“I wrote ‘Reunite’ because I’m just so angry and fed up of the way the poor are treated; people being homeless in 2020 while the government line their pockets, people having to use food banks, the hypocrisy of this government, rent prices being so high that it’s almost impossible to afford accommodation, while the rich buy up all the houses and leave them empty, NHS cuts…. benefit caps, while politicians claim 100k food expenses, integrated racism, homophobia, and a giant orange clown being the president of the USA.”

Although the track isn’t officially due to be released on the Creation23 label until the 30.10.20, it’s already receiving quite a bit of attention having clocked up several radio plays BBC Radio and also featured recently on Soccer AM over their Goals of the Week feature.

Were in no doubt that Cat SFX are definitely going to be ones to watch over the coming months and will surely be gracing those big festival stages before we know it.

In fact, the band have already got one festival under their belt for next year when they play at the new Creation Day Festival on the 29 & 30 May 2021.

Tickets and further information available at


written by SALLY NEWMAN