The Ultra Violets are a brand new 5 piece band hailing from the Cornish shores. All band members have previously been in other bands and decided to join forces to make one new super band and if their debut release “Romance” (released on Friday 28th May) is anything to go by then they’re already well on their way.

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We recently caught up with the band following their debut release on Friday for a quick chat.

  1. You guys have all been in the industry for many years, what is it that makes this time around so special?

We formed this partnership of guys just before the pandemic hit, and that gave us a lot of time without live music to really focus on ourselves and our sound. Romance was a labour of love during a dark time and it’s now the foundations of The UVs. (Marc

2. Your debut single is called ‘Romance’ was this always going to be the first track?

I think we all knew it, as most bands probably do, we chucked all our demos in a hat and rated them and Romance always came out top. It’s such a joy to play in practice and it’s a really good introduction to the sound of the band. (Marc)

3. What was the inspiration for writing ‘Romance’?

Love. Sounds simple, but it really was that simple. It’s hard to make a rock song into a love song without it going a bit “cheese on toast” but I tried hard to just keep it as true and honest as I could while maintaining that indie banger feel. (Perran)

Credit – Blue Rue Designs

4. You guys are based in Cornwall, what is the music scene like down there?

Cornwall’s music scene seems to be ever changing. There’s A LOT of cover bands in pubs and venues down here but over the past couple years (pre-pandemic) there’s been a really good surge in great local music with some exciting new venues to show them off. You still hear of bands moving to the big smog to make it though… (Marc)

5. You have a couple of festivals planned this year, what would you say would be your dream venue to play?

It’s got to be the big one, Glasto. Especially in a year where you get Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney playing 😍 (Marc)

6. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

The Beatles, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys. (Perran)

7. You shot the music video for ‘Romance’ at Penventon Park Hotel in Redruth, how much fun was that?

This was the most fun, and the guys at Penventon were fantastic. It’s an aptly decorated amazing local hotel which we blagged full use as, because of lockdown rules, it was pretty much empty! Great supporters of the local scene, and a fantastic video as a result. (Marc)

8. If you could support any band in the world who would it be?

McFly. (Marc)

9. The style of the band is uber cool and you could certainly give Gok Wan a run for his money, are you guys seriously this cool off stage aswell?

I sleep in suits. (Perran)

Credit – Blue Rue Designs

10. What was the first album you ever bought?

Not proud of this but I think it was Eminem. (Perran)

11. What was the first concert you ever attended?

I’m not sure of the chronological order, but the first gigs I remember going to were Motley Crue, Def Leopard and The Darkness. (Marc)

12. What song would we be most surprised to find on your playlist?

Taylor Swift, big fan. (Perran)

13. On the music independent scene, who have you been listening to lately?

Andrew Cushin, geezer. (Perran)

14. Lastly, what can the fans look forward to from The Ultra Violets in the next 6 months?

Live music, we’re buzzing for it, then the studio! (Marc)

Listen to“Romance” here now.


Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity of thanking The Ultra Violets for taking time out of their hectic schedule and for Talking to The Songbird. Big Love xx

Interview by ERIN POWER