There is so much to say about this song…. A nod to 60s musical bard Mr. Bob Dylan. 

I am just reading up on Wikipedia, and the reason for the reference to exile is that he had an accident in the 60s which saw him go into exile from public performances. A very interesting time, as well as a sad time.

First of all, kudos on the band name! Great marketing tool.

Secondly, I love the way that this begins, rock guitar riff kicking off the proceedings, a line that will get stuck in your head for days and make you play air guitar…. Simple but effective!

Thirdly, the drummer’s got to have stamina because to beat out 16ths on the hi hat and snare for several bars is hard to do but they’ve got energy and it shows, but there is a bit where they lay back at around 0:46 around shouts of “Exile Poet” (Another great title too.)

“He alleviates our pain…” 

For some reason I like this line…

There’s a tempo and key change at around 1:41 to bring in the guitar solo, I’m actually warming to whoever it is because they’re not going all out guitar hero on this and I’m impressed. Anyway, they bring the intro back in from the beginning to end the song, and yes I’m applauding. What a job well done!

Overall, I love the energy of this track, it makes you want to jump around in wild abandon… Could this be taken back in time using the Tardis to go to Woodstock?


This Is War! are the five piece Liverpool based band consisting of Paul Carden on vocals, Mike Mullard on rhythm Guitar and backing vocals, Jonny Robert on lead guitar, Andy Williams on Bass and Martyn Leah on Drums.

Since forming in late 2021, the band have wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of the most hotly tipped bands in the UK right now. With an astonishing 13k monthly followers on Spotify alone, a statistic that is even more impressive when you factor in that This Is War! are a band in its infancy, are currently unsigned and that all of their fans have come to them organically through word of mouth and via their outstanding live performances. 

This Is War! Are a band on a mission, with  a plan to release a single a month up to Autumn 2022, when they will release their debut album.

This Is War! Now come to us with their latest offering, ‘Exile Poet’

‘Exile Poet’ is nothing short of EXPLOSIVE!! It starts off as it means to go on with its huge guitar riffs and pounding drums, its catchy AF with its sing along, chanting chorus hook lines. It’s an instantly memorable track for all the right reasons. It’s full of an unleashed energy that sparks something in the listener making  pupils dilate and hearts beat faster as the music is metaphorically  injected into the bloodstream and takes control. 

Lyrically ‘Exile Poet’ is a song written in tribute to Bob Dylan, referencing a combination of achievements, venues and titles bestowed upon him during his illustrious career. 

The track was recorded and mixed by The Verve’s Si Jones and sound engineer Andy Fernihough at Faktory Studios and the legendary Crash Studios.

This Is War!  have said of the track:

“Exile Poet is a homage to the creative genius of Bob Dylan and the counterculture of the 60’s.”

Listen to the track HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu