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We here at The Songbird HQ are delighted to be able to bring to you our personalised PR Packages. 

The Songbird HQ was formed several years ago now and during that time we have worked tirelessly building relationships and friendships with leading music industry figureheads/Record Labels/Radio Stations/TV shows/Podcasts and Media/Press/Bloggers etc. 

In addition, we work alongside a major Record Label, a Tour Agency, a Film Production Company and various Music Promoters. We believe this puts us in a unique position to be able to showcase your music to all the right people, gaining you unprecedented coverage across the board both in the UK and globally. 

In summary and as a basic guide, we propose we could offer you the following:

* Radio plugging to stations across the UK and globally. 

* Playlist pitching to various established Playlists.

* Pitching for Reviews and Interviews to a wide range of press and media.

* Securing you Podcast interviews and features.

* A feature on our own pages on The Songbird HQ with a Review and/or Interview and a Track of The Day/Week feature sponsored by our partners.

*A potential feature with us on our Songbird Sessions radio show and podcast. 

* Further we would add your track to our own Spotify playlist which is updated every week with new releases and then sorted into a subsidiary playlist for the month of release. 

In addition, given the work we are involved in with other companies, there is priority potential for us to secure you high profile engagements.

If the above, sounds like something you would like to benefit from, then please do get in touch and we will arrange to discuss your specific needs, and together we can draw you up a personalised action plan.

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