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From Time to Time you will notice us promoting some our favourite brands along with the music. These people are called our ‘Partners’ and they like us, are all people who have an unrivalled love of championing new music. Previous and current sponsors we have been associated with include:


We are proud to be working with Islington Radio bringing you our weekly live show ‘The Songbird Sessions’ which is hosted alternately by our own Jim Dolan and Del Osei-Owusu. We focus our shows on bringing you some of the very best new music around


Chris Almond and Gary Law collaborated extensively between 1998 and 2003, the project being given the name Bubblebrain.

By the mid-’00s Gary Law was busy with the band Velofax, having relocated to London committed to working on the band’s music. A particularly vivid and creative period in indie music’s history was underway and Gary was in the thick of it.

At the same time, James Dolan was making waves with futuristic, hedonistic, sleaze-skewed pop group The Author, whose name was coined from popular music scrobbling website The band’s name was a kind of camouflage, and James, himself a bobby-dazzler; a bona fide Rockstar.

Bubblebrain’s first handful of releases were by Vagus, followed by records from The Gaa Gaas, Riq Chiznik, B-Eazy, The Tarantulips, Contagion, Death of The High Street, Benny The Moth, The Dust, and Ian McCoy. 

Bubblebrain is well known in Jersey for music events at iconic venues such as Watersplash and The Blue Note Bar. Acts they’ve worked with include Apothis, Axon Bower, Beast Decoys, Brave Yesterday, Craig Smith, Dribbler, The Dust, Foo Fighters GB, The Getaway, Howl, Isaac Evans, Kickbacks, Lloyd Downie, Masticated, Mispers, Monty Taft, Nirvana UK, Nixer, Oas-is, Outrage Against The Machine, Peace Slips, Perchard’s Wall, Phoebe Over, Rat Salad, Semu Cà, Serkeidian, and Von Cassidy, Laurie Wright and many more!

The company board of directors is a classic trio formation, with three distinct personalities and management styles.

Jim Dolan whilst being a pivotal member of The Songbird HQ is also the A&R and promotions Manager for Bubblebrain, James brings his experience to the task of motivating and developing talent.

James’ intuition for popular appeal, his knack for crafting a story for media consumption, his passion for bands and the iconography of the rock star, and his appetite for the afterparty leads him to stand out in a crowd as the man they all want to know!

Bubblebrain is an extensive music platform being a record label, events promoters, booking agents and recording studio.

Recent signings to Bubblebrain Records include, Death Of The High Street, Benny The Moth, This Is War and more tba soon!


We are pleased to have been able to collaborate with new music promoters Time To Shine to bring you a series of gigs.

Time to shine, are a company with a network of national relationships inside the music industry, to bring a one-stop solution for talent discovery, development, consulting and music marketing services. Working with emerging bands and established artists across the United Kingdom to deliver a variety of promotional platforms that acts as a central hub between the artist, entertainment industry and the consumer.

A team headed by Lee and Karl that mixes live performance and music promotion experience with strategic music planning and commercially realistic instigation.


The Way to an Indie Girls Heart is through her Playlist

We are delighted to have collaborated with the amazing clothing brand, Indie Girls Dream.

Michelle from IGD is certainly a girl after our own hearts with her love of good music and fine fashion. This could well be a match made in Heaven!

Indie Girls Dream is a major name in the music fashion world with the likes of Peter Doherty, Carl Barat, Andy Crofts, Kyle Falconer and Ben Taylor (AKA The Magic Mod) all being big fans and regularly being seen sporting IGD clothing.

The brand caters from Men, women and children. Check out INDIE GIRLS DREAM for yourselves HERE


Custom Kicks are based in Hull, East Yorkshire and they are a company that can happily say that they don’t really have a lot of “rules” and they plan to keep it that way!

The company is owned by Callum, and he says that his company likes to celebrate “The Creative, The Artist, The Football Supporter, New Music and Alternative Fashion” – which obviously made them an obvious choice for us to team up with.

Everything is created in-house which is what sets CK apart from other companies. Design, prep, printing, customisation, stitching, painting, you name it, its all done on site!

After months of solid work behind the scenes the brand initially started out with an endorsement from up and coming Geordie solo artist Andrew Cushin, and then they hit the market, they say everything happens for a reason and they are now pleased to say that business is now booming.

CK have already worked with artists such as Shambolics and The Clockworks and they are now thrilled to be officially endorsed by legendary music mogul and visionary founder of Creation Records – Alan McGee.

Custom Kicks have said that:

“Alan Mcgee and his It’s Creation Baby record label have been so supportive from the start alongside other hero’s such as The Songbird HQ, especially Sally Newman who’s a legend in her own right, and it’s so great to be working alongside likeminded people when it comes to our ethos. Huge shout-outs also to Jamie Kelly and Darren Forbes of Shambolics too, they’ve been such a huge help with what we’re doing and aiming to achieve.

Custom Kicks say that their aim is to share a creative platform believing in simple hard work, keeping solid focus and being realistic. They believe that “You get wherever you want to be, but do it for YOU because if you’re doing it for someone else’s approval you’re never going to succeedBusiness might be business but everyone should be a punk because that’s how industries change and creative movements happen!!!

Check out Custom Kicks for yourselves HERE NOW


In Your Ears Music serves as a community that people can join in as members and via their community membership forum. They are, in essence, a community platform that showcase music that is ‘Under The Radar’.

In Your Ears Music also has a Radio Station that plays completely independent music and they say that they aim to be the best community radio station to find music that’s “Under The Radar” with fun and unique shows on their airwaves.

If you are interested in partnering up with The Songbird, please drop us a line at