‘3’ (Walk With Me)SINGLE REVIEW

45ACIDBABIES are a Dutch Four-piece band who’s most recent release ‘3′ (Walk With Me) was released on the 28 August 2020. The band state that they’re “four inherently different creative personalities hell bent on somehow making it work” and this latest single from them certainly reeks of that!

The band have also previously released a debut album entitled AMBER19 and have said it was quite the experience going from writing a song to getting it out on vinyl and into the wide world.

The album was well received and 45ACIDBABIES had a couple of festivals, shows and supporting tours with The Blood Red Shoes and De Staat lined up in the UK, Germany and Austria, but due to the global pandemic, these have obviously had to be put on hold for the time being.

The Band said that they initially had plans to release ‘3’ (Walk With Me) back in April, but like all the other artists and bands they were “thrown down the Covid-19 pit and didn’t know what to do”. They further stated that at the end of July they started noticing several venues were closing down and fellow musicians were having to find jobs in other work fields, in order to keep their heads above the water. The band decided that they needed to do something, so they not only decided to go ahead and release this latest single, but they also coincided this with a movement they set up called #keepthescenealive. They made a video and sent it out to Dutch radio stations asking them to support the live scene by inviting a live band in every day for a whole month. The response was amazing and 45ACIDBABIES plan to continue doing all they can to help try and support and save the live music scene.

Turning now to this new track itself, ‘3’ (Walk With Me) tells the classic story of going through a break-up and the inevitable having to move on.

Its an upbeat tune, with somewhat scatty sounding opening synths, leading into slightly auto-tuned vocals, reminiscent of those by the likes of Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. Lyrics like “Though I am aware / That I am too stubborn to see the / Red flags that are lining up and staring right through me” and “Took a chance now I’m fooled again / And the clock strikes three / Now it’s time to move on” make you reflect on past relationships but also installs the fact that a lot of us experience the same sort of things growing up, albeit quite woeful, its a gritty and powerful tune in a “I will Survive” vibe.

Sophia from the band said of the track;

‘’While writing the lyrics I went back to the exact moment when we broke up. I had to take the train home and he walked me to the station for 20 minutes which only made it very long winded. After that, I just knew that he would just vanish as quickly as he appeared, so I wrote this song. I think the song radiates a feeling that is recognizable for a lot of people who suffer from heartache. To them I wanna say; It will get better! When things don’t work out it’s for certain that there is something better for you out there.’’

We think the single makes for a proper little bop, with electronic drum beats and fun melodies, and ensures the band live up to their name.