Self-proclaimed Punk Witches Dream Nails are a force of nature. Simples! Their Riot Grrrl inspired punk combined with their strong principles on social justice is an explosive combination.

They released their debut self-titled album in August 2020 on the indie label Alcopop! Five years to reach this point, to say this was a labour of love would be an understatement. London-based Dream Nails have lived and breathed the DIY scene and did not compromise on their principles for the sake of getting an album out. It’s sprinkled with affirmations and skits grabbed from gigs as well as live favourites and brand new tracks. The broad issues covered range from feminism “Vagina Police”, toxic office culture “Corporate Realness”, personal empowerment “DIY”,homophobia “Kiss My Fist”and climate change “This is the Summer”. This is all delivered at a frantic, breathless pace. It spits fire and the energy is electrifying.

But let’s not forget the massive dollop of humour which is a huge part of the Dream Nails universe. “Jillian” is inspired by fitness guru Jillian Michaels. The official video is a riot with fans and Dream Nails alike participating in alternative home workouts in isolation! It’s an anthem to body positivity, and finding the personal strength to come out. “Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)” describes a situation we can all relate to, waiting for a response to a text message sent, knowing it has been read and seeing those “two blue ticks”.

Dream Nails worked so hard in lock-down for their fans. They turned the obvious disappointment of not being able to tour the album into finding alternate ways to connect. Putting on two livestreamed gigs the band provided “Gigs in a Box”containing items such as gig wrist band, a sticky mosh pit mat, set-list, affirmations, tinsel ….. Genius. The gigs had the usual Dream Nails energy, dynamism, humour and joy. Dream Nails also set up a WhattsApp group called the Banana Phone where fans can chat amongst themselves and with the band.

Janey (vocals), Anya (guitar), Mimi (bass guitar) and Lucy (drums) turned the devastating events of 2020 outward facing,not only promoting their own music but raising awareness and funds for various causes. This a band who work hard, play hard and are most definitely ones you will be hearing more from in 2021.