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Welcome to The Songbird!

The Songbird is a team of dedicated and devoted individuals located the length and breadth of the UK (Incl Jersey) hell-bent on bringing you all of the latest news, reviews and interviews on the best signed and unsigned artists and bands out there. We believe good music deserves to be heard and its our intention to provide a platform where you can do just that!

The Songbird works alongside some of the biggest names and most influential figures and organisations within the music industry enabling us to highlight the best in emerging new talent first and bringing it direct to you.

We love to do live sessions at gigs and festivals where we chat to and showcase the best in music talent including interviewing not only musicians, but also industry insiders such as radio and tv presenters, producers and band managers. Giving you an insight into every aspect of the music industry.

Further, we have teamed up with some of the best live music promoters out there to bring you live music events, gigs and festivals all over the UK and beyond.

As well as the above, there is our Tracks of The Day and Tracks of The Week features in association with our various dedicated partners.

AND….. take a breath, we also have our own weekly RADIO SHOW (THE SONGBIRD SESSIONS on ISLINGTON RADIO)and PODCAST and dedicated PR SERVICES where we help and support talent with all aspects of PR to include radio/press/playlist/podcast and TV pitching and plugging.

If you are interested in having us listen to and review your music or want to arrange an interview, help with promotions, tour support or anything else, then come and get “Talking to The Songbird” on our Contact Page now x

Team SB xxx