The Goldborns are made up of Justin on lead vocals and Guitar. Josh on Bass and Max on drums. Justin and Josh are the main songwriters and Max is in charge of Production.

The band were formed in 2018 and in a twist of true rock n roll fate the were discovered in a West London pub by Sex Pistols drummer, Paul ‘Cookie’ Cook. Shortly after that, I now bet surreal, meeting they then found themselves in the studio working with Clash legend Mick Jones. It was here under the expert guidance of Mick where their distinctive style and sound was born. The band describe their music as a fusion of dub, reggae, rock and punk. The same types of music that influenced them during their primitive years while growing up in West London.

It was this collaborative pairing with two of the all times greats of British Punk that saw the band burst onto the scene in 2018 with their debut EP entitled ‘Don’t Look Away’.

‘Don’t Look Away’ was nothing short of a breakthrough release for the band being received with much praise and accolade from industry insiders and clocking up considerable air play on various radio stations including BBC6 Music, BBC London and BBC Radio 1.

Now two years on and the London band that were born out of two of the biggest punk bands of all are back with their brand new single ‘Broken Homes’.

‘Broken Homes’ is a blistering 3 minutes 37 seconds of raw, unapologetic and very honest lyrics conjuring up visions of the the streets where the band grew up and in their own words [the streets where they] “cut their teeth and [is about] the people that broke them”!

With gritty lyrics such as “in tower blocks that we live in … they want us all up in prison’ and ‘that’s just how it is round here… I guess were all from broken homes” it’s clear to visualise the picture that the band are painting through their words.

“Broken Homes” is first single to be taken from the forth coming “Broken Homes’ EP (Live from the Bunker) and was released yesterday (19.11.2020)

This latest EP although supported and championed by Mick Jones and which is recorded in his personal recording studio (which is also the bands rehearsal space; lucky them huh!) actually sees The Goldborns break away from the theoretical apron strings and go for it full throttle doing all of the Engineering, Producing and Mixing entirely themselves.

Broken Homes’ the track is accompanied by a fast paced, raucous music video which was entirely filmed on the boys home patch of Ladbroke Grove /Latimer Road. Listen the track/watch the video here now.

The Goldborns – ‘Broken Homes’ is available to download and stream on all major platforms now.