Today (Friday 19 Feb) sees the release of the first official single off of Kyle Falconer’s new solo album. The song is called “Stress Ball” and it’s planned that the album “No Love Songs For Laura” will be released later this year.

Credit – Creationamusicmgmt

Most people will be familiar with Kyle Falconer as the front man of indie band The View with whom he has such massive hits as ‘Same Jeans’ and ‘Wasted Little DJs’ the band also received a Mercury nomination for their #1debut album ‘Hats Off To The Buskers’.

Falconer first embarked on his solo career in 2018 when he released ‘No Thank You’ and he now returns in 2021 with his latest offering ‘Stress Ball’.

Falconer has said of this new track;

“I wrote ‘Stress Ball’ in a taxi on the way to a session…..It came to me straight away – I turned up to the session with Justin Stanley and we just instantly knew he had something there. For me, it was about using this song as therapy to relieve your stress. I tried to relay that in my vocal by making it fun and feel-good, rather than a serious song about being stressed. I’ve been writing too seriously for a while and I wanted something uplifting to make you happy and upbeat when you’re listening to it.”

It’s clear from this track that Falconer has found his passion for writing and producing new music once more. You can sense the zest and zeal within the track. Despite the title hinting at stresses, it’s a fun almost euphoric track, making you feel joyous to the extreme and leaving you feeling “I can take on the world”. It’s a catchy little ditty with an upbeat tempo from the start. The accompanying video is the perfect visionary depiction to the sound; smashing shit up, yeah come on let’s have it!! release that stress we’re bottling up to make ourselves feel in control and on top of it all once more.

Falconer admits that he decided to push himself out of his comfort zone when it came to making this new music, by writing more songs on piano rather than the safety net of his faithful guitar.

The whole thing came together and the magic really set in for Falconer however, when he teamed up with producer Frankie Siragusaand last summer and the pair spent some quality time locked down in The Albion Rooms (The Libertines Hotel and Recording Studio) in Margate. They spent considerable time working on and perfecting the sound of Falconer’s new material using Motown and Soul as a reference and this is apparent in the uptempo, feel good beats within this new release. Couple this with Falconer’s unique,melodic vocals and you’ve got a sure fire hit on your hands.

“Stress Ball” sees Falconer’s welcome comeback to the music scene gathering momentum nicely as he prepares a run of socially distanced live shows and with music mogul Alan McGee as his new management, we can see Kyle Falconer hitting those big stages once more where he rightly belongs.

Listen to “Stress Ball” and watch the official video here now.

“Stress Ball” received its first ever exclusive radio play on Jo Wiley’s BBC2 radio show last night and we feel safe in saying that this will be the start of many radio plays for this new track as it really is Falconer back on top form.

The new single is available to download and stream on all major platforms now and the exclusive fan pre-order for the album ‘No Love Songs For Laura’ is available here.