Fortunes Favour

“Fortunes Favour” is the debut album from established guitarist and first-time frontman Ed Cosens. Most will be familiar with Sheffield music scene lynchpin Ed Cosens, from his guitarist and co songwriting days with Reverend & The Makers.

Cosens has said that he has waited to make his solo debut until the time felt absolutely right. Only when he allowed his songs to naturally find their own sound did he finally feel confident enough to step away from the shadows of the band.

Cosens has said that his breakthrough came when he was writing the lead single ‘If’ on his acoustic guitar. With lyrics depicting the story of a lifetime of longing and loss. Cosens took this acoustic offering into the studio where it grew and morphed into the 3 minute long track it is today and where the basis for the album started to materialise.

Credit – Ed Cosens

Cosens has said of the track and how is was the catalyst to the album;

“If” is a love-lorn tale of the struggle between love’s true path and the path which you think you’re destined to follow…..It’s about the conflict between what you think you want, where you unwittingly lead yourself and ultimately where you should really be. After several attempts, it became the song that sent me in the right direction. With a lot of albums, it takes just one song to kick things off and “If” was that moment for me. It set out the stall for who I wanted to be as an artist with its strong sense of emotion and the journey that runs through it.”

“Fortunes Favour” comprises of ten timeless songs heavily soaked in intricate guitar strings and thought provoking, intimate, soulful lyricism. The album oozes the confidence befitting of a long standing, multi successful musician.

The opening track ‘Running On Empty’ describes an outwardly in-control character who inside is anything but ‘Last To Know’ is a heart-breaking portrait of a long-deceived lover. ‘Madelaine’ explores the notion that love is a drug, while the title track “Fortunes Favour” reflects on the fickle hand of fate. The album closes with the gorgeous and graceful ‘Come On In’.

Credit – Ed Cosens

“Fortunes Favour” was recorded at Giant Wafer Studios in Wales and produced by Ed and Dave Sanderson – aided in the recording room by Milburn’s Joe Carnall and The Crookes’ Adam Crofts.

Fortunes Favour is a rare and unexpected debut album made by an artist mid-career. It’s a record which deals in real life as opposed to in dreams, and one in which Ed pours over 20 years of songwriting and professional experience into.

Watch “If” here now.