Delilah Bon (aka Lauren Tate) is an exceptional artist with a forthright attitude using her voice for greater good to speak out about inequality and injustice in abundance. People may be familiar with Lauren from her band efforts as the lead vocalist in the band Hands Off Gretel.

Lauren has broken away from the band (at least for a short while) to branch off on her own and put herself well and truly out there with her debut solo album which was released last Friday (21st May). The album is packed full with 12 totally infectious tracks of hip hop/punk that dares to break the boundaries of conformity . Delilah Bon effortlessly combines hip hop, rap, punk, sonic guitars and rousing choruses resulting in a unique new genre which Delilah herself likes to declare as ‘Brat Punk’.

The album clearly has a unifying link; a subject matter close to Delilah‘s heart and demonstrates her speaking up over important issues concerning empowerment and feminism. indeed, Delilah has stated that:

‘’the album is a celebration of female empowerment and independence. Made by a woman as a voice for women and non-binary people, I wrote about rape culture, girls uplifting girls and self-love.’’.

The album is full of huge anthemic, in your face singles such as ‘Bad Attitude’, ‘School’, ‘Red Dress’ Soul Sisters’ and ‘Where My Girls At?’, but Delilah also showcases her artistic creativity with the ABBA spin-off ‘Chiquitita’. The result is a playful nod to the 1970s classic and it really is a lot of fun!

Credit – delilahbonofficial

What strikes us most about this album, however, is just how incredible Delilah Bon is! This album is entirely self produced, from the song writing to the recording to the producing of the album, Delilah did it all by herself. Even the debut video for ‘Soul Sisters’ was directed by Lauren featuring her sister Olivia and filmed by their mother Helen. If that’s not female empowerment, I don’t know what is!

Credit – delilahbonofficial

Talking of the self -produced album Lauren has said

”self-producing the album was important to me, especially as female producers are sadly rare and under-represented. I wanted to prove that I could, creating all the beats, recording all the instruments myself to truly bring my visions to life.”. 

Delilah Bon is unapologetic in her stance and her approach to her music. She is girl who has an opinion and she is not afraid to express it. She stands up for what she believes in with such passion and gusto that its hard not to be extremely impressed by her. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with and we firmly believe that with her level of commitment combined with her musical prowess that Delilah Bon is going to be a house hold name.

Delilah Bon alternate artwork limited edition debut album





Words by The Songbird_HQ