Fitzroy Holt is the alter ego of the front man of former established band The Surrenders. Fitzroy has worked in the underground UK music scene for many years and now comes to us with his new venture under his new guise.

Kelly” is a thought provoking track, an ode to the the forgotten, the misjudged and the neglected homeless community. The honesty and rawness of the track comes from Fitzroy Holt’s own experiences of working with the Wolverhampton based women’s homeless charity, Havens. The track and, indeed, Holt’s whole purpose of the track, is to try and bring an air of love and awareness to the people. Further the track is reflective of his own personal circumstances, having been written during a period when he lived in a semi derelict factory in Wolverhampton during the first national lockdown

Fitzroy worked closely with Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden studios (Editors, Ocean Colour Scene, The Blinders) on the track and he has further commented;

“ I just want to use my music to help people, not many people find themselves with platforms around them which allow them to spread awareness for important issues and causes they believe in. I have also found the people who do, will often shy away from reaching out in fear of controversy. So, I saw Kelly as a way to hopefully make an impact to people’s lives”

Despite not having actually being able to play a live gig yet, Fitzroy Holt has been announced to play at Truck Festival (sold out) in July ahead of his debut show on September 25 at Blossoms in Wolverhampton and he was also featured on “This Feelings” Big in 2021 vinyl.

Listen to “Kelly” here now.