Uniquely individual with an air of familiarity, Bellatrix is defiantly one of those rare artists who’s outside the box creativity serves up a banquet of alternative power pop perfection.

Credit – Eva Pentecostal

There really is only one way to describe this artist and that is ‘ A Ginormous Talent ‘

She is not only an inspired singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist and extremely versatile performer but also the former world beatbox champion. Bellatrix’s talent clearly holds no bounds and the latest single “Golden” is more clear evidence of this.

Without a doubt one of the most pleasing voices of some time. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Bjork, MIA, Kate Bush and Nina Simone, blending these together to result in a fantastically Unique vocal style that you could listen too on repeat.

Its been over two years since the release of the outstanding “bad dancing ep” which came out in 2018 on Sturdy Bitch Records to high praise.

Well worth the wait Golden captures fantastic production with Bellatrix’s mind blowing vocal and infectiously catchy pop hooks, trust me, on one listen this hook will be in your head for days. This is an intense piece of pop that will have you totally compelled as it shares Bel’s story with haunting reality. Capturing the moments of helplessness and coming to terms with the dark experiences of a previously abusive relationship. The terrifying reality of the lyric “peel me off the floor” quite literally written as she lay on the floor gives us an insight into the struggle and strength of this exceptional artist.

Bellatrix – Golden

Speaking of the track Bel explains……..

“Golden is a searching. When I wrote it I knew something wasn’t right; It was like I was a ghost of myself and all the energy had been sucked out of me. At that point I wasn’t able to be honest with myself about my situation, but this song is a commitment to taking the first steps of that journey. The lyric “You’re Golden To Me” is a promise of protection from a grounded and seeing part of myself that knew how to guide the jumbled rest of me through.”

Golden is taken from the forthcoming EP “I Was An Aphid” which takes its name from Audre Lorde’s 1978 observation that “women are maintained at a distant/inferior position to be psychically milked, much the same way ants maintain colonies of aphids to provide a life-giving substance to their masters”

Credit – Eva Pentel

Speaking more of the EP Bel tells us…….

“In 2019 I broke up from an abusive relationship that I’d been in for three years. When I look back I think ‘fucking hell, how did that happen?’ because I never expected it to happen to me. This EP is a journey through all that: the relationship, the end of it, and what happened afterwards.”

I Was An Aphid’ acts as a collection of four tracks that detail the strength Bel has rediscovered since leaving the toxicity that consumed her. With the power of her creativity Bellatrix has clearly turned a negative into a positive. something we should all take inspiration from.

GOLDEN” is available now on Sturdy Bitch Records from all major platforms with the EP following later this year. I for one cannot wait to hear what this incredible artist has in store for us, not just over the following year but over the following decade.




Words Jim Dolan