The Skinner Brothers… a class act who’s tunes call you beautiful in seven different languages then smack your arse on the way out the door. An all-round good time.

Walking into the world famous 100 Club I was met by a sea of party people. This was the first gig I’ve been to since the pandemic hit, I wasn’t sure how it would go… would people still be as mad for it as they were two years ago?

The answer to that question is a hard YES. The atmosphere was electric from start to finish… I’d go as far to say Iconic, just like their aptly named 2021 EP. The Skinner Brothers were meant to make music. Music for people to frolic, fight and f*ck to.

The bands following is clearly becoming that of a cult one.The crowd in the SOLD OUT venue was littered with fellow musicians, celebrities, models, media outlets and Fred Perry wearing, curly haired football fans. They weren’t short of a pat on the back. As we waited for the lads to come on stage the room was buzzing with excited chatter, laughter, bags of… personality… and everything else.

To our right was Mr. Gary Powell (The Libertines), clearly excited to see the band that had supported him on tour a few years ago now showing the people what they’re made of with their own headline show. The K’s were also floating around and that evenings support act The Dead Freights were having a great time at the bar. I’ve got to mention The Dead Freights here for a second. They’re incredible, and I’m not just talking about that polka dot shirt… although I did notice it. They smashed it in their own right and then made sure the tone was set for the rest of the night.

The lights went down, the crowd lost it and The Skinner Brothers burst onto the stage. Lead singer Zac, tipped his flat cap to the world and prepared to take over… and that he did! The band commanded the crowd from the second they started playing. The charismatic frontman had fans cheering and pints flying from that very first chord.

Starting their set with the song ‘Champion’, moving through their discography of old and new floor fillers with pure professionalism and ease. They even treated the crowd to a special guest, somebody they hugely admire… Hackney’s finest and Mike Skinners right hand man, Teef. The sweaty, beautiful set ended (or so we thought) on the ever energetic crowd pleaser ‘Chelsea Boy’. Just as we started to catch our breath they were back on stage for a three song encore including fan favourite ‘Away Days’.

For those who’ve never heard The Skinner Brothers before let me paint the picture… imagine The Libertines, Slaves and Jamie T had a very southern baby. Loud, proud wordsmiths who get the job done unapologetically in the most effortless and stylish way.

I managed to grab Zac for a quick chat after their set and this is what he had to say

Q1: What an amazing gig, what’s next for The Skinner Brothers?

A1: Next up for the band is obviously our ticket drop for the next 100 Club headline show, we also have our new album coming out October/November time! Buzzing about that.

Q2: There’s quite a few famous faces here tonight, are you working with any of them? Also who would you most like to collab with in the future?

A2: At the moment we’d like to collab with a guy called Tommy B he’s a rapper. We are working on something at the moment, also doing something with Teef, he was with us onstage before, there’s something in the bag!

Q3: Where would you like to see yourself this time next year?

A3: Next year we want to be on the festivals, we were set to do a few this year but with Corona everything’s backed up from 2-3 years ago! It’s a nightmare. We want to step up to a venue like the ballroom, that would be really nice actually!

Thanks for your time Zac! Now get to the bar.

You can find tickets to The Skinner Brothers next headline show at the 100 club in October HERE In the meantime, get onto Spotify… have a listen and keep your eyes peeled for their new album coming soon.

This is one Friday night I won’t forget in a hurry. Thank you so much for having me!

Words and Photos by Katie Muszanskyj for The Songbird HQ