The video for EXIT, DOTHS’ debut release was filmed at their base and creative/spiritual hub “The Unit” in 2021. The filming took 1 day and was filmed and edited by Riccardo Cenci Media.

During the 80’s/90’s, the now run-down collection of factory buildings were used as a manufacturing facility until it was closed down in the late 90’s like many other businesses in the area. The offices remain as they were at the time the factory closed, left untouched and filled with the equipment used during its life, like snapshots of its past.

After years of standing empty the building began to see life return again when its warehouse was opened to host underground raves, the dark and dirty “Unit” providing the perfect setting. After a few golden years hosting events the pandemic put an end to the parties and saw DOTHS take up their residence in the building.

DOTHS have used the “Unit” on and off as a practice and recording space since way back in 2015 but it wasn’t until 2020 that they had the opportunity to make it their permanent residence. It was here, during the pandemic and ensuing madness that followed, that DOTHS formed properly and began to write the songs that went on to catch the ears of the legendary Creation Records founder, Mr Alan Mcgee.

The delapidated corridors, garishly graffitied walls and remnants of happier times provide the perfect backdrop to EXIT’s under current; the constant process of change and the struggle to make sense of it.

We are proud to be able to bring you the video premiere of the band’s debut single EXIT, which is available on all download and streaming platforms on ITS CREATION BABY now. Hope you enjoy it!





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