The wait is finally over, the future of rock n roll has well and truly arrived, like a multi national, bilingual Strokes but with Jagger’s swagger and the energy of the Sex Pistols, The Brand new single from The Gulps has to be one of the most eagerly awaited records this year and its out right now!

Their first release on industry legend and bloody top geezer Alan Mcgee’s Its Creation Baby label “Stuck in the City” is everything you’d want from a punk/rock record of today and The Gulps are everything you’d want from a rock n roll band. With its almost tranquil synth infused start your mind is already preparing itself to listen to something important. Within 15 seconds you’re locked in and as soon as you hear the hi-hats and the waves of guitar you know this is gonna be an absolute belter of a tune. As it suddenly drops out with the riff and bangs back in again you know you’re gonna be moshing no matter where you are, don’t be surprised if this tune comes on your playlist in the middle of Tescos and you uncontrollably stage dive in to the fresh fruit and veg, be warned this can happen and almost certainly does at their live shows! The Gulps are that band, the band you can’t help but move to, jump to and pretty much loose your shit too. The energy jumps from the music straight into your ears and gets pumped around the body like rock n roll oxygen. With its chant like chorus, 16 beats, Jonny Marr guitar and beautifully placed vocal surprises its no wonder the track has been getting spins from RTE 2fm’s Dan Hegarty, king of the demo clash and bbc sounds Dj Gary Crowley and the high king of radio royalty himself Steve Lamacq on bbc 6 music.

Credit – Hallam Studio

This is not just a great rock n roll record its also highly intelligent lyrics make us take a look at our world around us “Stuck In The City” is a song about the slow death of a society which crumbles before our very eyes. Railing against the powers-that-be while swinging at the docile public sleepwalking into its demise; through five-minutes of sound and fury The Gulps action a wake-up call like an atomic bomb, designed to shake society from its slumber. Charismatic frontman and songwriter Harry All tells us of the single…

These days we’re living I feel society is falling on a deep clean sweep without getting us in torture labs. Our today’s torture labs are advertisement, consuming, social media… Becoming a sleepy society, advocated to consume drugs, to get likes, to buy online, everyday we see how mental health becomes a bigger issue in our daily lives.

Society is controlled and directed through consuming messages. The idea of your life and the continuous bombarding with advertisement, that sells you empty stimulus of happiness. That’s how we create our own shock or tramp these days. When that disappears the loneliness comes and we become a vulnerable clean sweep society. That’s Stuck in the City, it shows how a person feels in such an aggressive economic and inequality system.”

The Gulps are gaining momentum at a furious pace, forming in 2019 and finding a natural chemistry, The Gulps gained an instant notoriety on the live circuit, with riotous early shows at the likes of The Alleycat in Denmark Street and Camden’s The Monarch, and later performances at major festivals like Truck Festival and Mad Cool in Madrid, each hallmarked with their own insanities, from stage invasions and fights with security, to stories of almost scalping a fan whose hair got caught in a flailing bass guitar. Identified by the legendary Steve Strange as his latest and last discovery before his untimely passing, the band were then signed by Alan McGee and thrusted upon the scene in all the right ways, headlining some momentous shows along side label mates Cat SFX at the Amersham arms, Camden’s iconic Good Mixer and Alan Mcgee Presents at the Notting Hill Arts Club before being launched onto the stages of the uk’s major venues supporting the mighty ASH on their latest uk tour. A tour they took to, like Keith Moon took to his first drum stick.

Hailing from all four corners of Europe and the Middle East, they are frontman Harry All and guitarist Charlie Green (both from a small town in La Rioja, Spain), bassist Simon Mouchard (from Nantes, France), rhythm guitarist Francesco Buffone (from Calabria in southern Italy) and drummer Raoul Khayat (from Beirut, Lebanon). Attracted to the UK like moths to its creative flame, the quintet arrived in Camden from their separate corners of the globe and magnetised to one another with one electrifying vision: “We came here to be f**king rock stars” says Harry.

For the last 18 months these charming bunch of punk rock hero’s have been using all of their time off stage writing and rehearsing in a place affectionately known as the Kings House , a Camden apartment which the band share with a full live set up and inspiration on every wall. The Kings House also being the title of their first single, which is undoubtably a stormer of a record and a belter live. The Gulps could quite possibly be your new favourite band. Emerging from lockdown with a bristling, brilliant new batch of songs about love and darkness, technology and Warhol, that have already impressed the likes of not only McGee and Noel Gallagher but anyone who’s been lucky enough to hear them.

Credit – Sandra Crilo

In short Download this track, crack open your ears and take a huge Gulp of Rock n Rock’s Return.

Bang Bang.….!!!!

Words by JIM DOLAN