This week our Track of The Week feature goes out to THE PAGANS SOH

This track is pure fire…it starts off with just bass, keys, guitar and then the rap drops… you can imagine the chorus being shouted by every. Single. Member. Of. The. Audience.

Including my 100 year old grandma. 

I’m sure she’ll appreciate this. 

This has everything, jazzy guitar, groovy bass, and drums that groove.. then rapper Marcus comes in and drops bars!! 

I love this. 

The energy is so much, you’d think it was the beginning of a really big funk track but it’s not, it’s just one of those songs that… just is! 

In a sick world right now this is what we need something to energise us. 

So who are The Pagans S.O.H.? According to their Spotify, The Pagans S.O.H (Shepherds of Humanity) are a four piece, hailing from the Black Country in the West Midlands. they fuse elements of hip-hop, funk, punk, ska, metal, jazz and reggae to create a truly original vibe and I’d be inclined to agree!

Listen to “Emergence Of Forgotten Power” here now

Words by Del Owusu