Today sees the unveiling of the official video to “Cross Me” from the enticing and mysterious newcomer POINT A.

So far the identity of this talented songstress has been kept completely under wraps and the video will still leave you wondering as to just who is POINT A !?

Well, what we do know is that POINT A is a young singer/songwriter of immense talent; a powerful storyteller getting her message succinctly across through the medium of modern melodies and well placed lyrics. The debut track “Cross Me” showcases her ability as an accomplished artist despite this only being her debut release. With the track, Point A brings us music which is both fresh and vibrant, but most of all, it’s truly exciting.

Cross Me” is undoubtedly an anthem for a modern generation: it’s a song for music lovers who are wanting something different from the same old run of the mill bands and rehashed songs!

As for the video, we are advised that this was a joint effort between artist and manager. POINT A likes to view herself as a new musical concept rather than to personally identify herself and as such, wanted to hide her face from view. The mask was therefore an obvious choice.

The whole idea for the video was storyboarded between the two and was then shot by POINT A’s manager Kirk Hendrix Whitehouse (Smashed Hits) on his mobile phone no less in his home and local surrounding area and features his own daughter within the footage as well!

The video was edited by Pablo Fiasco.

What an incredible achievement this video is and just goes to show what you can do with a bit of genius and imagination!

We can’t wait to see what POINT A comes up with next and whether her identity will be revealed in time or whether we’ll always be left guessing……

Watch the official video to “Cross Me” here now.

Words by Sally Newman