Rarely has the name of a song so well fitted its sound: running is exactly what this song does; from start to finish it’s an energised sprint, driven by a firm beat and given flair by accomplished vocals and glam-rock guitar mastery.

Mexican Dogs, a Liverpool trio born in summer 2021 and fronted by Gaz Wilcox (formerly of Bribes), may be new to the scene as a band, but they feel like a familiar part of it. Perhaps it’s the way they’ve captured classic rock sound and sensibilities, or the confidence with which they deliver it, but this band doesn’t sound like one which is barely six months old.

Run, run, run’ is only the second single from Mexican Dogs (billed as the Black Sabbath / T-Rex collaboration that never happened) and foreshadows a four-track EP due for release later in 2022. The track opens with a single stroke of fuzzed-out guitar, which is left hanging, building anticipation beautifully. The drums come in, and, after a brief intake of breath, Gaz launches into the song proper. It’s a solid structure from then on: verse, bridge section, and then into an insanely catchy chorus; guitar interlude, and repeat.

This may be a well tested recipe, but if it works, why change it? And this approach exactly fits the sensibilities of this song and Mexican Dogs‘ approach to music. With only one single released to date, the band have already captured more than 27,000 Spotify streams, so clearly this approach works.

Frontman Gaz said

“This song has the ghosts of sounds from past times with the idea of bringing it to a new era.”

He’s nailed it. Sit back and listen and it’s all there – a pounding, rollicking beat; fuzzy thrumming guitars, treated to the comforting warmth of valve amps; carefree guitar licks; vocals which conjure visions of a closely held mic and a sweaty underground stage; and – wonderfully – a cowbell!

This track is also pervaded with the unmistakable sound of Liverpool, thanks to masterful production by Andy Fernihough and a recording session at 3rd Planet Studios.

For me, the best element of this kind of song comes from imagining just how absolutely well it’s going to work live. You can feel the energy just waiting to be released, and the kinds of emotion – balancing nostalgia with future looking excitement – which it will conjure in any audience.

Run, run, run’ was released on the 21st January and is available on all steaming/download platforms now.







Words by Phil Taylor