I don’t know why this band aren’t filthy, filthy rich yet with ten groupies, three stalkers and shares in a football club. It blows my mind.

The band in question are Salford’s finest, ‘Little Illusion Machine’. Their new single ‘Its Darker On The inside’ is out today (Friday 4th March)

Following on from their debut EP ‘Melancholia On The Horizon’ the band have had a member reshuffle and are back with music a level up from anything they’ve done before and that’s saying something.

Comprised of Lloyd Kelly on Vocals, Joe James on Drums and Matt Jones on Bass ‘Little Illusion Machine’s new tune is an array of seductive psychedelic sounds mixed with deliciously gritty northern vocals that make you feel something. I had it on repeat the entire time I wrote this article, it’s one of those!

Speaking to the band about the writing process for ‘It’s Darker On The Inside’ Lloyd explains

“The songs subject matter comes from a past relationship, telling a story about the mask slipping, being lured into a trap and realising you’ve been lied to by someone you love. The bittersweet beauty of finding out someone wasn’t who they made themselves out to be.”


Joe then goes on to say

“It was written by Lloyd in late 2016/early 2017, he recorded a rough version on his phone (which is still on soundcloud actually) and then we got it up as a band and put the finishing touches on it.”


And I’m so happy they did, it’s a smasher.

Melodically and lyrically this band laugh in the faces of their peers. I’d say sorry for the offence that might cause but it’s simply the truth. This band are like something from the past that accidentally shifted timelines and are trying to find their place in a modern world. 

They carry no bravado or attitude with them, they’re one of the calmest rock & roll bands I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Genuine souls who are here for all the right reasons, to make music and give the people something to think about.

The band won Bolton FMs Best Unsigned Band, played at Tramlines Fringe, and supported some of the best new bands in the UK, which is just a few of the many reasons why I’m absolutely baffled that they haven’t been signed yet.

Listen to ‘Darker On The Inside’ here now

Somebody needs to jump at the chance, if anyone with the means to do so reads this article, do yourself a favour and get in touch with the band directlylittleillusionmachine@hotmail.com.

P.s. I’ve also heard the next tune and everyone sleeping on ‘Little Illusion Machine’ needs to wake up immediately because 2022 is the year this band show us a bit of what for, banger after banger. 

Go and listen to ‘Little Illusion Machine’ on Spotify now.





Words by Katie Muszanskij