Razorlight are without a doubt one of the hottest bands to come out the 00’s and are just as phenomenal today. With mega indie hits like Golden Touch and America clearly standing the test of time it’s no wonder the Lego haired indie kids of the past present and future are searching for their polka dot shirts whilst madly scrolling, swiping, clicking and bleeping, in search of those golden tickets to catch the original line up belt out those classics once again.

I was lucky enough to be one of those indie kids last September at Electric Park Festival in Jersey. Well when I say indie kid, I mean minus the Lego hair cut, polka dot shirt and the fact I remember buying their record on release day in HMV Oxford street in my 20’s, so definitely no longer a kid however still being absolutely blown away by the performance and nostalgia all with one scissor kick. Razorlight are off on tour for 22 in May and its sure to be golden.

So with festival seasons almost upon us and the smell of bbq’s, cider, aromatic herb cigarettes and rock n roll in the air I recently caught up with Bassist, original member and bloody nice bloke Carl Dalemo for some chats and bant’s.

Here’s a little bit of what was said…..

Yo Carl 

Hello to you Sir.

Big thanks for taking the time out to chat to us.

Razorlight have enjoyed some massive Success over the past 20 years but how have you seen the music industry change since you put out your first Record?

When we started out it was very traditional I guess, with loads of labels (major and independent) and record shops and the main aim was to get on the radio and sell as many CDs as possible. Legal downloads was still insignificant and streaming services didn’t exist. The major labels were really powerful back then. They probably are still but there’s fewer of them it seems, and due to how easy it is to record and spread your own music these days musicians might not be as dependent on them as before. Obviously most record shops are gone and most music is consumed online through phones or laptops. At least vinyl has made a comeback. 

What do you think, if any, are the pro’s and con’s to how people release, listen to and collect music these days ?

As an old record collector I think the move to digital is quite boring. All music is there constantly. But on the obvious plus side this means you can access almost anything you want, whenever you want it. Before you might’ve had to search for months or years to find a rare record, just to hear it. But this easy access has sort of taken the magic out of getting a new record and go home and listen to it. But maybe I’m just getting old, eh?

How’s does if feel to be back playing live shows again and can you tell us what’s in store for you in 2022 ?

After a little 12 year break it was great to be back on stage with the classic line-up of Razorlight again. And it did feel like we’d just done it last week, like we hadn’t stopped at all. We have some more festivals booked for 2022 and we will keep writing and recording new songs and hopefully we’ll release some music too.

What Record store did you buy your first Album in. Who was the artist and what format did you it on?

The first record I remember buying myself was Bad with Michael Jackson on vinyl. I don’t know the record shop as it was on a family holiday in Budapest, Hungary in 1988. I was 7 years old. We drove down Europe with our caravan and as Hungary had just opened up for western tourists my parents thought that was the place to go. I also got a plastic Kalashnikov on the same trip. I’ve lost the toy gun, but still have the LP of course. 

Is there a track you’ve ever recorded and released and then wished you could rewrite/re-record it ?

Not sure. 

What’s the most Rock n Roll moment you’ve ever had. Like you’ve actually stood back and thought “Now that’s rock n fucking roll” ?

Now this is a can of worms for sure. Depends on if we’re talking debauchery or just meeting celebs and stuff like that. The debauchery is all a blur, which is probably for the best. I guess I did think to myself that “this is fucking rock n roll” when we shared the stage at Royal Albert Hall with Roger Daltrey and he sang Summertime Blues with us. I guess kids these days don’t even know who that is. Haha. But he’s a fucking legend. Look him up on youtube kids!

In all your years as a musician has there been anyone who you believe has guided you, helped and influenced you throughout your musical career.

Not really. I’ve been following my instincts which took me from Sweden to London and all of a sudden I was playing with Razorlight. I guess all the artists I’ve been listening to has been guiding me in a sense as they’ve been forming my musical brain. Kurt Cobain, Brian Wilson, Robert Pollard (of Guided by Voices). There are many in that case. 

If you weren’t a musician what do think your career path would of been ?

Could have gone either way. I would have either continued to study history and/or political science, subjects that still interest me a lot, or I would have been drinking too much. Possibly a combination of the two.

What’s the most awkward question you’ve ever been asked in an interview? Oh and you can’t say this one ?

Again I’m not sure. There have been many I guess. The first thing that comes to mind is a phone interview I did on a bad line with a guy from Portugal many years ago. He just kept rambling on in bad English and it was impossible to know what the actual questions were. I think I pretended I didn’t hear him and hung up in the end. 

If you could only communicate through music, what Song would you use for the word love?

Oh, this one for sure! (…is the answer to the previous question). 

Big thanks for doing this man and there’s a trip to Jersey for ya anytime you want it mate. 

Brilliant, Jersey has been kind to us and I’d be very happy to go back. With the band or privately. 

You can catch Razorlight smash out the bangers on tour kicking off in May.

10 May – Benefit concert for The Big Issue 30th anniversary London, United Kingdom

28 May – Neighbourhood Weekender 2022 Warrington, United Kingdom

03 Jun – Wild Roots Festival 2022 Sligo, Ireland

22 Jul – Standon Calling 2022 Standon, United Kingdom

24 Jul – Splendour Festival 2022 Nottingham, United Kingdom

29 Jul – Camp Bestival 2022 East Lulworth, United Kingdom

30/31Jul – Edinburgh Academicals Sports Ground Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Interview by Jim Dolan for The Songbird HQ

Photo credits – Ricky Atterby