BIG IMAGE recently released their new EP, so we thought we’d take a closer look.

BIG IMAGE are George, vocals; Luke, bass; Connor, guitar; and Seb, drums.

OK, so let’s go.

  1. Parallel Love Affair 

This track opens up with noises from outside a venue, sounds like a live event, you’d think someone’s rapping over an industrial beat, but you “follow the sound” in your mind, and are led to the front where after a pitch down…. The track explodes with a 60s style drum fill into a great tune that has a catchy melody that really gets you going.

My head is nodding. I like this a lot. I love the choice of synths on this, and the backing vocals too, very gospel-ish even if it’s not intended… Great opener! 

  1. Crazier 

Oh this one got me…. There’s some 80s house piano in there! Very retro, LOVE that! On first listen this kind of catches you off guard because it starts with ethereal synths, then drops into that house piano loop, you’d think they’re about to go full pelt house beats but it’s not quite like that, there are guitars in there to keep it grounded…

This song is catchy as hell! What made me smile is the fact that the title of the EP is referenced here, and gave me the Peter Griffin family guy moment where he goes to the cinema and they say the title of the movies that he’s watching in the script. Yes I had a Peter Griffin moment!

This song takes you up and down there’s a big build up in the middle where the chorus comes up and it gets stuck in your head… Probably my favourite track on the EP. Love the outro with the vocals kind of coming from different places with different lines. Bravo!

  1. Something 

Great slice of alt pop on this one! This must be fun to play live so much energy, I love the sampled vocals giving it a really nice hook.. 

The lyrics speak of being free with someone when you dance together, being honest and letting your feelings be known. Great track with a bounce! 

  1. Sleeping Alone

This is the only downtempo track on the EP, and Big Image really do make use of their soundscape, fading up at the beginning, the piano chords are lovely here, as the low pitch vocals, matching the mood of the song. It’s a song about post break up, and the protagonist’s feeling of loneliness but he accepts the inevitable that it’s for the better. But he’s using the song as a way of being able to get his feelings out in the form of a letter. 

Brilliant. All in all, this EP lands really well, the songs are well crafted and I hope Big Image are proud of what they have achieved here, as I think they really should be.

Big Image hail from Kidderminster, and this EP is a collection of their three singles plus new track Sleeping Alone, and this EP is something that they’ve been working on for two years.

They’ve already picked up plenty of press and radio support – including being playlisted on Radio X – as well as being featured on BT Sport’s coverage of the Champions League and Sky Sport’s Soccer AM, performing a live video at Villa Park, and being enlisted for a brand campaign with Scott’s Menswear alongside Sam Fender. they also back at Villa Park on Saturday 30 April when the EP was played live in the Fanzone Pre-Match show. They now look ahead to doing what they do best on stage.

On Wednesday 4 May BIG IMAGE played their first headline London show at Sebright Arms before a colossal hometown show at Space 54 Forum in Birmingham this coming Saturday 7 May. From there they hit the summer with spots at Sonic Wave in Birmingham and Community Festival at London Finsbury Park alongside Two Door Cinema Club, The Wombats and Circa Waves.

Words and EP Review by DEL OSEI-OWUSU