When I first heard ‘BEX’ I thought, oh my god this person is ‘Witch Fevers’ little sister, in all the best ways! I could imagine them touring together, it would make so much sense and be absolutely incredible for fans, like me!

‘BEX’s’ debut song ‘Tiptoe’ is an absolute smasher. (listen here)

In the Summer of 2020 ‘BEX’ decided to start sharing covers of her favourite tunes on Instagram from her bedroom. She plays bass and gained notoriety quite quickly with her followers skyrocketing to 35k. She’s also extremely well liked by her peers, such as Wargasm. ‘BEX’ is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Her sound is full of angst and rightfully directed anger. The lyrics to this song in particular are about men who don’t treat women correctly, especially those in music… whilst they’re performing and whilst they’re not.

So many female artists face is sexism and sadly assault when they’re simply doing their job, I’ve heard Lauren Tate from ‘Hands off Gretel’ and the band ‘Witch Fever’ talk about this very openly at their shows.

“Cause a riot overstep the line” is a lyric from ‘Tiptoe’ that captures this perfectly for me.

It’s a certainty that it’s going to kick off if the person performing explains somebody’s overstepping the line by being inappropriate. Women are vicious when it comes to protecting each other, we will pounce, we will destroy!

I know when I’ve been at gigs and heard a man be inappropriate to a female in any way I’m straight over, friend or foe. So I love to hear people talk about this through their music, it’s important!

As an industry ‘we’ are trying but ‘were’ not quite there yet. Female representation is increasing, but ‘we’ are still learning how not to assault people whilst they’re working… to put it bluntly.

So keep shouting about it Bex, because we are listening. You have an army behind you and I can’t wait to hear more from you.

Recorded in the first lockdown, “Tiptoe,” is a track produced by Sam Cramer, and with BEX’s bass tones all created by hand on a custom pedalboard. “Tiptoe” arrives with a vivid official video co-directed by BEX herself and videographer/photographer Olivia Brissett.  Matching the soaring and beckoning energy of the track, BEX says of it:

“The video is a visual representation of my anger and rage in the song. Also representing female empowerment, and lastly… showing off my handmade outfits and masks.”

Watch the official video to “Tiptoe” here now.

Honourably gifted across the arts, BEX is not just a musician, as she admits, “I hand painted the artwork on a canvas,” about the single’s artwork. Continuing her love for curating BEX expands on some of the projects she’s working on: 

“I have been making a zine that I am going to get printed, it’s like a little lyric and expansion book, all handmade. I also self directed the music video and I am currently in the process of editing it! I love making things, I made all the outfits for the music video as well as the masks. Nearly everything is DIY, I love having the ability to portray my personality creatively.”

If you’d like to catch BEX live, you can do so at The Great Escape sister festival: Alternative Escape with a show on Friday 13 May.

Words by Katie Muszanskyj