The Other Half

Ohhhhhhhh crap. Hold up!

Seb just fired warning shots with his 5 track mini EP, and takes no prisoners! What do I mean?

Well… have a read of this.

  1. Upper Class

This track opens up with with a guitar lick that grabs your attention. Acoustic and electric play an important part in this as well as the drums – heavy footed kick drum and clap, this will be fun to watch live!

The lyrics are dead witty –

“A boy grows up in a future tense just to call himself himself a person in the legal sense”.

“Yeah this lad covers his eyes with a mop, he spends all day curling it hides the fact that he’s a die hard conservative…”


Like I said he takes no prisoners.

Seb raps this and it just gets you going, he’s telling us what’s what – oh and the wobble at 1:54… oh thank you so much for that!

Banger of an opener….

More? Damn right. Gimme the next one!

2. Then She Stood

The instruments are joined by a lovely organ sound, I’m going to hazard a guess and say it’s a vox or similar it doesn’t sound like a Hammond….

Anyway back to acidic lines, there are references to social media such is the world we live in, using sarcasm in expressing that he’s always had a thing for girls who live their lives vicariously through Instagram. You can almost see the eye roll from him as he spits the verbal fire on it.

Also in the last verse there’s a reference to Coldplay with trying to fix someone. There’s a link and my brain is trying to tell me there is but I may have to break out the abacus to work out what it is.. hard mathematical equations here… Strong track this one

3. Business Please

Protest song at its best! Attacking the establishment we get to the real meat of this EP, no one is hidden from his anger…

“You could be a tory or a socialist,

A communist,

A liberalist,

But all politicians are s**t”

There’s a call to arms for anarchy, and you can tell this is written during the pandemic era, because there’s a reference to vaccines….

This track is just guitar and vocals, and catchy as anything.. But at just 1:07 it ends! Second shortest track on this brilliant project…

4. Rat S***

“Everything we love turns to to rat s**t”.

I’m calling it.

That chorus is going to go down well at Glastonbury. Did I say Glastonbury?

Yes I did. That’s because our dude Seb is going to Glastonbury. I could hear the crowd clapping on the two and four… it’s brilliant and will just bring the crowd roaring along to the chorus in glee.

It’s a song of anger, and rightly so, and once again Seb turns his verbal guns on the establishment, the lyrics make me think it’s not about one specific person, but about a few.. listen to it and let me know your thoughts and we can compare notes.

The instrumentation is very simple as it has been all through this – the thud for the kick is pretty sweet! And you have a shaker doing the business… love it. Well written, well produced.

5. Flat Earth.

Uh oh. The conspiracy theorists get hit with this one, and it’s just delivered within a sweet melody and a growl that makes you think Seb had a bit of a bluesy upbringing, it’s just him and the guitar nothing else. Lyrically Seb goes after those who have theories about China, Russia, vaccines, dark government deeds…

It’s blistering!

The outro with the no’s are so good! And I love it. It’s the shortest track on the project and probably my favourite with its thought provoking words.

Seb, you did a fab job and I applaud you !



Fri 13 May – Brighton, The Great Escape – TikTok Stage
Sat 21 May – Warrington, Parr Hall
Sun 29 May – Warrington, Neighbourhood Festival
Sat 25 June – Glastonbury Left Field Stage


EP Review by Del Osei-Owusu