Survibers – Leave It Right Here

This particular song caught my ear in the inbox for many reasons. First of all the synth bass line is gorgeous, and the synth pad sound as well as the unautomated arpeggio line too. There’s a really nice section that starts from 1:52 which plays into a nice jazzy piano solo, but it’s there to disguise a sneaky little key change from F# Minor to E minor. 

Impressive. Most impressive. 

This is why I labelled them my track of my week. 

Survibers is a collective of like-minded creatives who live, love and work within music, yet they have found it necessary to create a space where raw and fertile ideas are allowed to flourish. The trio are ex-Berklee students Francis and Katrina King-Smith and Aniff Akinola. Since their debut in March 2020, Survibers have been aired on numerous radio stations around the world and their tracks have been added to over 80 Spotify playlists.

Listen here

Words by Del Osei-Owusu