Fresh from their tour in France, The Haciendas announced their debut EP which is due for release in October.

On Friday 10th June the band released the first single off of the upcoming EP “Dreamer”.

‘Dreamer’ offers a glimpse of what’s to come on the forthcoming EP from the Mancunian rock outfit. Front man Tom Smith has said of the inspiration behind the track;

“You can achieve anything you want in life if you put your heart and soul into it. We all have dreams and we should all chase them, if you believe in yourself there are no limits. This one goes out to the doubters as my dream has become a reality, keep chasing people.”

The festival season is jam-packed for the boys this summer as they play at Neck Of The Woods, North Fest, Made In Manchester and KENDAL CALLING. There is also an expected UK Tour later this year where they will be showcasing their debut EP.

The Haciendas have also announced a limited run of White Vinyls for their upcoming EP release which are available to pre-order now.

Listen to ‘Dreamer’ HERE NOW

Following the release of the new single last Friday, we were also lucky enough to catch up with the lads for a quick chat.


Congratulations on the release of “Dreamer” how does it feel? 

The love we have received on our new single has been amazing already, we are really looking forward to launching the full EP later this year. The music video drops on Friday and we cannot wait to share it with everyone.

What’s the story behind the song? 

The inspiration behind the song was simply the aim of what we are doing as a band, chasing our dream. As every day passes on this journey of ours we are aiming higher there is no limit as to what we believe we can achieve. The music video puts a good spin on the message showing rising boxing talent Rhiannon Dixon chasing her dream and anyone can relate to this track, if you want something then go and get it, no one can stop you…

You have an EP coming out too, what’s your favourite track from it?

The EP is a perfect showcase of what we are all about.. We have big punchy riffs, melodic choruses and even show our softer side in our fan favourite ‘All For You’. The last track we recorded to wrap up the EP is one called Little Monkey, we really feel that this is our best yet and has certainly been an enjoyable one to play live!

You’ve also got it coming out on limited edition vinyl too, what’s your favourite vinyl of all time?

I personally have a big collection of vinyls which is mostly made up of rising local talent from bands like Dirty Laces and Cobain Jones. My favourite vinyl in the collection has to The Lathums, watching their journey unfold the last couple of years has been a joy and their debut album is just amazing from start to finish.

You’re a four piece band from Manchester, how did it all begin for you?

We’ve seen a few changes in our line-up since forming and we now believe we’ve found ourselves as a band now, all hailing from the same high school but from different age groups to now becoming really close mates is what this journey is all about. Our recent trip to France really brought us together and we’re just really enjoying ourselves at the moment.

What did you all listen to growing up? 

We all share a similar taste of music in terms of growing up in Manchester with obvious bands such as Oasis, James and The Courteeners. Arctic Monkeys are a band which I believe inspired a lot of young musicians growing up aswell! Biffy Clyro for me have been my favourite band to watch live and their collection of music is stunning. Dan certainly has a love for the deeper and darker side of the scale with his fondness of Iron Maiden and Metallica.

You’ve been together for 2 years what’s been a stand out moment for you in this time?

Our believe our stand out moment will be in July when we play at Kendal Calling, it is a massive opportunity for us and playing at a festival on that scale is a dream come true in itself so we are really looking forward to it. 

You’ve received prominent airplay from Radio X and BBC Manchester, what was that like?

To hear our music being put on major platforms is a real honour, it still is a ‘pinch yourself’ moment every time we hear our tracks live on-air. The support we have been getting so far has been amazing and long may it continue.

You’ve also played live dates, what’s been a memorable show for you?

We recently played at The Rockstore in Montpellier, which was a stunning venue. To go overseas and play an iconic venue like that is one that we will never forget.

Tell us a funny story from the road.

Our trip from Montpellier to Lyon was funny for many reasons, other than the fact that we didn’t sleep the night before due to a few too many after the Rockstore gig, we had to travel 5 hours via coach and then we had to literally drag Kyle round the city as he couldn’t barely walk! We had a nightmare finding our accommodation and then we just about made the show somehow, which was our sweatiest yet. I could write a book on our trip to France, one of if not the funniest trip I have ever been on.

The last couple of years have been a time to reflect what did you learn about yourselves?

From where we started to where we are now is a just a massive difference, we are all learning more about ourselves musically and just in general. It’s great to look back and see how far we have come already, who knows where we will end up.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Loving the tunes from Kasabian, especially CHEMICALS. Good to see them back and thriving with Serge as the frontman.

What are you looking forward to next?

So we will be doing a UK Tour later this year for the launch of our debut EP, we’re really excited to travel to some different cities and play our music to some new people and build a fanbase outside of Manchester.

Interview by Del Osei-Owusu