This track caught my ear because of the curious analogue sounding synth at the beginning, lots of noodling! I’m a big synth head so this really tickled my ears. 

The other thing I liked about is the vocals, they are supplemented by a vocoder. You had me at hello!

The chorus is catchy, and I love the way the harmonies are… and it’s made me listen to the lyrics a little deeper…

“Can I pay for it later, I was trying to be someone else, 

I’m sorry now, 

I’m sorry now…” 

This is a song of regrets, and it’s beautifully crafted. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song does really well for Kelp.

Kelp, better known as Jordie Sunshine, is the Belfast, Northern Ireland based, talk box yielding, experimental electronic and symphonic pop, HD bedroom producer and songster extraordinaire. Plucked from the void in the peak-plague days of 2020, Kelp has given us 7 singles and 2 EPs so far, with, most notably ‘Lamentation’ and ‘Shady Palms’ making their way on to Tom Robinson’s Mixtape on BBC Radio 6 Music.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu