South East London 4 piece, Burning Juniper, released their debut single , She Changes The Weather, on 1st July. The track is an indie rock anthem if ever there was one.. guitar driven post punk hooks under effortless melodies. The single, and the follow up ‘What’s The Point,’ were both recorded with producer Josh Tyrrell (Lana Del Rey, Mark Ronson, Tony Visconti).

This debut has a special place for the band as it is already a crowd favourite. The song is a bitter- sweet, nostalgic love song about the ending of a relationship and the ensuing mixed emotions in which feelings of resentment are combined with acknowledgement of the good times in the past. The band like to think of it as a song about a break up where a person can still see the good that comes from a relationship.

Burning Juniper are an Indie Rock from Eltham in South East London consisting of Ellis Smith (Lead Singer, guitarist), Lewis Maddison (Lead Guitar), James Roberts (drums), and Callum Gough (Bass guitar). The band have been together for just a little over a year having met whilst they are still studying music at university. The have perfected their stage craft by regularly performing live in front of packed shows at a wide range of venues. This has included performing for Freshers week at Rose Bruford College, The Fiddlers Elbow for Camden Rocks, The Amersham Arms, a headline gig at the Cavendish Arms, and have an upcoming show for This Feeling at The Water Rats in July.

The band are all from different places in the UK as they met at their University – Rose Bruford College – studying Audio Production. They acknowledge that they are all quite different as people and it comes out in the way they write and perform, but it works for them. Being together at uni has meant that they have a special chemistry as friends and that closeness also comes across. The band name has it’s origins from juniper gin, listed on a pub menu. For a few weeks they called themselves Juniper until they recorded a demo of one of their songs called “Jumpers” which has a line about “burning jumpers” and this led them to come up with the name Burning Juniper and they have since stuck with that. 

Go catch them at a venue near you to see what a great live band they are who exude a powerful confidence and delivery, with well structured, infectious melodies and lyrics that are relatable and poignant.


The band play at the famous Water Rats venue July as part of a This Feeling showcase.

A tight, well-rehearsed band set the stage alight with the vocalist exuding a powerful confidence and delivering a great vocal performance. Cut to the solo, the room was filled with a beautiful guitar that echoed throughout the venue..” Elliot Orban Clunk Magazine.

Sally Newman