The Rafters are:

Nat Griffiths, Guitar and vocals,

Joe Roscow, Guitar

Ryan McDermott, Bass,

George Whittingham, Drums

The hum under the opening guitar riff is a warning that it’s about to get loud. 

I felt it. 

And I wasn’t disappointed. 

What exploded – yes, exploded – out of my headphones was an absolutely brilliant rock track, name checking the Krays, Strangeways, kung fu artists…

It has one message. 

Run for your life. 

This song is such  a great listen, it deserves a place in modern punk rock history, with the full on in your face energy.

My favourite part of this song is at 1:04 where it’s just the bass, kick, and guitars and then everything comes back in at the second time round to build into the second verse…. 

I also want to note the ahhh’s sung in unison in the chorus, over the top of the main vocal – which I love by the way, Nat’s the MVP here as he doesn’t let up! I can imagine him full of energy and rocking the crowd with this…

This is certain to go down a riot at their live shows.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu