The squeal into the track got my attention… 

This song really hits the spot.

Much as they list some notable influences on their EPK I don’t hear that in this, they’ve made the sound their own. Round of applause lads. 

What’s getting me going is the guitar work, there’s a lovely guitar that sits above everything in the intro, and then becomes a theme to sit with the vocals in the chorus, the best way I can describe it is the way Suede did it with “Animal Nitrate”. The guitar counter melody is perfect. In all this song ticks the right boxes sonically and musically in my book and according to their bio it’s already a crowd pleaser, I can just imagine this being played in the middle of a set where you just want to wind the crowd down and then kick up the energy straight after.

The only thing is that I could just imagine a vintage Vox organ being played in the background on this – it might be there, but I think it’s just my ears playing tricks on me as there is no keyboard player listed…

A band from North Wales, they’ve been building a name for themselves on the Liverpool scene, and getting love from Adam Walton at BBC Radio Wales, they’ve been together since 2019 and list the Smiths, The Specials and Arctic Monkeys as their influences. They’re really going at it especially with performances at the hallowed Arts Club and Cavern Club in Liverpool (That’s sacred ground lads…) where they’ve won an audience voted battle of the bands competitions.

I’ve got my eye on you Idle Lies!


Review by Del Osei-Owusu