This song caught my ear because of the chord progression… this is classic indie. 

No. Classy indie.

It’s the hottest day of the year and the way this is lazy and fully of jangly guitars, it makes you want to just open your windows and turn it up… I love the harmonies and vocals in the chorus.

The lyrics are very reflective. These are my favourite words in the song. 

“There might be some pages That you lost along the way

If you give out and it’s taken You better try your luck again

But don’t pay close attention To the path you could’ve led

May your new disposition take you

Over the hills ahead.”

Great tune. 

According to their Spotify: 

Motel Thieves first appeared on the local gig scene in Swansea, South Wales in 2018, in the hope to brighten new listeners with a jangly inspired sound. After nearly finishing the project during the tough global pandemic, the 5 piece decided it’s now or never and with this came a new sound and a fresh coat of paint… 

The band have previously shared the stage with artists such as Bez (Happy Mondays), The Pale White, BILK, The Himalayas, Bandicoot, Pastel, along with playing many local sold out shows.

Now the band set out to reach greater heights with their new single ‘Slept for Weeks’.

The project kickstarted with Callum Lipscombe (Vocals) and Jake Roberts (Guitar) searching for new opportunities in the local scene. They both soon welcomed Matt Davies (Drums), Sam Ellis (Guitar) and Zak Halimi (Bass), with the five piece finding their niche with a surreal punch of psychedelia. Influences have stemmed from their spirited and mutual love for all things 90s.


Review by Del Osei-Owusu