What Do You Mean?

What I like about this song is the epic feel of… everything in it!

The drums lead the way, starting off with a high pitch synth buzz then when they kick in there’s the bass which is triggering crash cymbals… it’s so effective!

I also love the arpeggiated synth lines that keep floating in and out, this tune is something else… I’ve already played it four times this morning…

Gabe’s vocals are strong, I love the way that he melds a bit of soul with rock vocals in there. His voice comes into its own in the chorus, which is my favourite part of the song I think. 

And then when you think it couldn’t get any better…

He breaks out the vocoder at about the 2:21 mark. 

Blooming brilliant. 

Hailing from Cambridge UK, Gabe Coulter started out recording demos for his friends bands. From playing drums in early incarnations of Black Country New Road to producing early demos for Sports Team, Gabe was involved in almost every corner of the Cambridge music scene. 

Hearing Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde at a BBQ was a game changer for Gabe. Similar moments ensued with artists like Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen & Neil young. Those American singer-songwriters appealed to him, possibly because of his mothers side of the family. Growing up he spent most his summers in Upstate New York with his cousins. Gabe recalls long car rides staring out the window listening to “Like a Rolling Stone” on repeat. Artists like David Bowie & Talking Heads also had a big impact on him as an artist. Gabe now resides in East London where he rents a basement underneath a cinema & records his music. New music is set to be released this summer alongside a string of major UK festival performances.

Listen to the track HERE NOW

Review by Del Osei-Owusu