For their 5th single, Liverpool-based ‘The Kairos’ have dropped twice the pleasure, with what used to be termed a ‘Double A-Side’ for “Time Keeper” & “Fascist Funny Man.”

Every song that this talented quartet has delivered to-date, with vocal & musical influences from the indie stable of Arctic Monkeys, Cast, Oasis & The Supernaturals (amongst other greats), woven through-out the songwriting and musicianship, is anthemic in nature, and all of them are guaranteed future classics.

That being the case, it’s hard to me to pick out any defining qualities that ‘Time Keeper’ might have, to make it stand-out against their earlier releases. But that familiarity of tone & pace makes it a worthy addition to the band’s growing catalogue of tunes. It fits like a glove, with lead-singer Tom’s mighty vocals, Owen & Lewis’ epic guitar-riffs and Sam’s tight (as a drum) timing, carrying you along for a rollercoaster of a ride.

Whilst ‘Time Keeper’ jolts the senses straight from the off, in a similar fast-paced manner to the band’s previous singles, ‘Fascist Funny Man’ is much slower out of the starting-blocks, heavier weighted and is ever so darkly-brooding. But builds-up to an impassioned crescendo towards the end, before fading slowly out…to leave you wanting more.

Where the UK Indie-scene paved the way for the many bands that followed, The Kairos might be better termed ALT-POP, to match the jargon of the modern era, and how some of their contemporaries are perceived. On the one-hand, they swim alongside the musical mainstream, albeit heavily swayed by their 90s antecedents. But on the other they are original, eclectic, and are pumping out songs far more musically-challenging than most of today’s pop music. And I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Without ever having seen them live (yet), judging by the way the house-walls shake when The Kairo’s are played at high-volume, through my small speakers, I’m pretty sure that a gig watching this fab four would be a cracking night-out. And you lucky people can catch them on the remainder of their September UK-tour with This Feeling :

• 16th September – Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge 

• 17th September – Manchester, Off The Square

• 24th September – Gathering Sounds

• 30th September – Glasgow Broadcast

Tickets available here

I wish I was there, to enjoy it with you. D’you know what I mean?

Listen to ‘Time Keeper’ & ‘’Fascist Funny Man’ here.

And watch the Official ‘Time Keeper’ lyric video, produced and edited by Louise Andrews (@Luellapix) here.

Both tracks were recorded and mixed with up-and-coming producer Ben Harper, and mastered by engineer Graeme Lynch of Elevator Studios.

The Kairos are :

• Tom Dempsey (Vocals, guitar)

• Owen Forrester (Bass-guitar)

• Lewis Chambers (Guitar)

• Sam Bradley (Drums, backing-vocals)

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Words by Colin Bridgewater (@CJB_TheSongbird)