Inder Paul Sandhu is back with a different take on a song that for me is the best he’s ever done.

Let’s break it down.

The song’s key has been raised a few semitones, a piano has been added the drums are straight down the line groove absent is the pull back from the original version, no swing to it but now it has a more indie rock feel to it.

If I put it under the microscope what we have here is an upright piano, slightly distuned – according to Inder Paul it’s battered but that’s what gives it character, if it was a sampled piano it wouldn’t have worked. It’s dusty and it just reminds me that a clean instrument can change the tide of the song. 

Add to it Inder Paul’s voice – he sings with passion and a little pain here, gone are the ghosts of the soul legends – they’ve stepped back and they’re stroking their chins collectively and I can imagine them nodding in approval. 

The meaning of the song hasn’t changed at all, it’s just as beautiful as before. 

This is from Inder Paul’s new EP coming soon, and believe me when I say…

It’s so good.

Listen for yourself here now.

Words by Del Osei-Owusu