THE TENTERS are the four piece alt indie / rock band hailing from Lincolnshire, East Midlands consisting of Will Munton on rhythm guitar and vocals, Kane Brownlie on lead guitar, Rob Lester on bass guitar and Will Olley on drums and percussion.

The band although relatively new to the scene having only formed in 2021 are already making a big impact with their two previous single releases of ‘Alexander’ and ‘Good Will’ both being received to critical acclaim from the likes of Our Sound Music who likened their sound to the Bluetones and who said “they’ve got endearing vocals and sharp sounding guitars making for a bright yet melancholic sound making [them] stand out…”. Both previous releases have also done well with radio plays having received support from BBC Introducing respectively, and attaining streams in the thousands on Spotify alone.

The Tenters are now thrilled to be back with their hattrick third single in the form of ‘Indigo’. 

‘Indigo’ is an instantly upbeat sounding track with feel good vibes. It’s heavily guitar ladden and absolutely jammed packed with melodic riffs and pounding drum beats which carry the track along at great pace. The track is further heightened to a nostalgic brit-pop indie vibe with its thoughtful lyricism and jangly tambourines throughout.

‘Indigo’ received its first exclusive radio play at when it was premiered on BBC Introducing Lincs with George Smith who described the track as “The big new one.. [which] sounds HUGE”.

The band have said of the inspiration behind the track:

“The song isn’t really about a single subject or topic as a whole and whilst it has some personal meaning in places, the idea is that my ‘Indigo’ is completely different to what yours or anyone else’s may be. In keeping with that theme, the line ‘I need this more than you know’ can resonate with the listener in any way they choose. What they ‘need’ could change and fluctuate from day to day and has a certain fluidity to it which does tie into a more ‘overall’ theme for the song, movement. Whether that be physical, emotional, mental or through our senses. The idea that even when it may seem as though something is at a standstill, it isn’t.” 

‘Indigo’ was written collaboratively by the band with Will Munton, Kane Brownlie, Rob Lester and Will Olley all adding their musical input into the track with the lyrics being composed by Will Munton. 

The track was recorded, mixed and produced by Christopher Barn and was mastered by Mark Peacock at Backlands Studios. 

The single Artwork was created by Will Munton. All press shots by Chloe Robinson.




Words by Sally Newman