Damian Luke and the Sweet Beast are the Sheffield based four piece band consisting of Damian Luke on Vocals, Matt Gawler on Guitar, Danny Evers on Bass and Curt Russell on Drums/Percussion. 

The band are a refreshing take on classic rock ‘n’ roll, fusing a heart-warming sound born from the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll with crisp tones and captivating melodies of modern rock, forming a truly unique and novel sound.

Although only officially formed in March 2022, the band have wasted no time in getting down to business and showcasing an impressive momentum in performing live  with an incredible array of live shows under their belt to date to include playing at Sidney and Matildas Barnsley Live, Mancunia TV, and at festivals such as All Together Festival, Tramlines, Coachella and more! and they look set to continue this trend with an array of gigs and festival slots well booked into 2023 already. 

Following on from the success of their debut single  ‘Mighty Muse’ in June 2022 which received radio play from the likes of Jorvik Radio, 6Towns Radio, SpiderWeb Radio in Australia and Krac Radio in Canada, and which was described by RGM magazine as “a strong release from the band, especially for a debut… the well-produced nature of the song brings an air of professionalism to the group, and it gives the impression that they are a band that knows what they want to do and are getting on with it.”, the band are now back with their follow up single, the  rock and roll anthem of ‘Mad Love’.

‘Mad Love’ is straight off the bat, and out of the starting gates at a great pace. It’s a powerful, high octane track with a nod to the more classic rock and roll anthems of the golden age and with its pounding drums and electrifying guitar riffs, it’s sure to set your pulse racing. . Couple this with the joyous and uplifting lyricism and the chanting chorus hooks of “I get that mad love, life’s for living, don’t live in the past” and I think it’s to say that Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast have just taken things up another level!

The Band have said of  the track:

Mad Love is a message; stop living in the past and embrace where you are in life right now. Lifes too short to be unhappy. Find out who you really are and be that person. Love what you do regardless of what anyone thinks.”

Mad Love’ was written collaboratively by Damian Luke, Matt Gawler, Danny Evers and Curt Russell. The track  was recorded and produced by Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton.

The accompanying video to ‘Mad Love’ is out now and features the band performing live at BeeKind Festival earlier this year. You can watch the video HERE NOW.


Thurs 1st December – Hometown headline show, Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield





Words by Sally Newman