The mournful trumpet that starts this off is gorgeous, it starts off in a minor key progression a tone up from the key the song’s actually in… 

It sets the tone for the song, it’s a slow tempo, which is kept by a conga played very skilfully if I may so. The guitars that come in really do the job, they start off at 0:09 where the song changes into the major chord, a piano joins in and now we’re starting to get a picture of what this song’s starting to be!

The drums come in later over the same progression from the intro and this tells me that this song’s arrangement has been well planned I like the march feel of the snare as well….

This song is brilliant! I’m not even halfway through, and it’s still got me right….


You can imagine this being towards the end of an 80s tv show as well, that’s where it’s taken me to due in no small part to that sound and feel of the track. 

The lyrics are quite melancholy:

“It’s given rain tomorrow, 

Given rain today, 

Would it be too much to throw a little sun my way?

It’s given rain tomorrow,

Given rain today,

Give me just one chance and throw a little sun my way

It’s given rain…”


I need to shout out about the outro! There’s a glockenspiel, I swear there’s an organ in there too, maybe it’s just my ears, and the trumpet gets a little adlib towards the end too…. 

Congas to fade…. 

Beautiful work. 

Sandra’s Wedding are a three piece from God’s own country, aka Goole, East Riding Of Yorksh-…

Hold on. I’m playing it again. I have to. This could easily be one of my favourite songs of the year. Wait one minute.

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

They’re a three piece from Yorkshire:

Joe Hodgson (Vocals), Jonny Hughes (Guitars) and Luke Harrison (drums)

The band’s sound and musical themes address love, loss and life in industrial towns across the North of England, with guitarist Jonny Hughes telling one newspaper that the band try to write songs about things that they can identify with, residing and experiencing life in Northern, working class areas.

Listen to ‘Given Rain’ Here now


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Words by Del Osei-Owusu