THE GOODS GONE are the Kent based alt pop/rock/soul/blues duo consisting of Ryan Sams and Jake Blake. Together these two seasoned musicians are producing tracks that are not only next level in their sound, but in their multi-instrumental skill and thought provoking lyricism.

The twosome describe themselves as  “two time travellers who collided in mid-air when they both arrived in 1987 at exactly the same moment. Ryan had travelled back to this particular year in order to see The La’s play live, whereas Jake had travelled forwards” such collision obviously resulted in a sonic boom that leads us to the here and present time and THE GOODS GONE.

To give you some perspective, the first time I saw this band perform live, their drummer had called off sick at the last minute so Ryan stepped up to the mark and simply took over the role of drums (with his feet) as well as playing lead guitar and performing lead vocals!! No mean feat at all I think you’ll agree. On this latest track Ryan is on lead vocals, rhythm guitar, drums and  tambourine with Jake Blake on bass guitar, synths and backing vocals and they have also utilised good friend Zac Schulze, who guests on lead guitar. The result is an epic, highly measured and honed, pure musical delight. 

The band have said of the track:-

“It’s a song with a simple message about chasing your dreams and never giving up until you achieve them – “you can do what you want to do, there’s nothing you can’t do!”

Musically the riff takes its inspiration from The Who (specifically ‘The Seeker’) as well as T. Rex (‘Children Of The Revolution,’ ‘Buick MacKane’ etc). The overall feel/groove of the track is like a modern version of The Who crossed with Reef, with a bit of Small Faces thrown in the middle 8 for good measure!”

‘I’ve Got A Fire’ was written by Ryan Sams and was recorded at Magpie studios in Bethersden and was mixed and produced by Charles Creese.

Listen to ‘I’ve Got A Fire’ here now


20.01.23 – Poco Loco Chatham with Wez King, Another Day and Gianni Scalera and The Jury 



Words by Sally Newman