The Silver Lines are the Birmingham based band made up of brothers Dan and Joe Ravenscroft on lead Vocals and Guitar respectively, Joe Cartwright on Bass and Kindo on Drums.

The Silver Lines were first formed in 2018 by the two brothers who said they were “uninspired by the current landscape of guitar music” and as such, decided that they were going to take matters into their own hands and make music of their own.

Later being joined by Joe on Bass and Kindo on drums, the band went on to release a string of successful releases being  ‘Roamer’ in 2018, ‘Parliament’ and ‘Fallen Idol’ in 2019, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Skin’ in 2020, ‘Alive’ and ‘Delivery’ in 2021 and ‘Love Made’, ‘The Big O’, ‘Sleaze’(EP) and ‘Hotel Room’ in 2022. The band have consistently sold out hometown gigs, received streams in excess of 100k and have had plays on the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X and have played multiple festivals from England to America.

Fast forward to 2023 and being “repulsed by the notion of being just another ‘all white male indie’ band that sings of teenage love or rants empty pseudo prophetic quotes”, The Silver Lines set out to release new music that defies the genre and the peers within it. The product is a very self aware form of songwriting that covers many taboo topics from toxic masculinity, learnt behaviours from past generations, and explores personal experiences that connect with the listener on a much deeper level.

The latest track and the first of 2023 to be released by The Silver Lines is ‘Blow Dry’.

‘Blow Dry’ is a straight to the point rocker with a punk edge. The simplicity of the song allows the band to really experiment with light and shade on the guitar (particularly over the verses) to really keep the song driving. The vocals are snide and snotty with plenty of innuendos and metaphors which aim itself at today’s all too fashionable “cancel culture”. This is then met with a more melodic chorus utilising the backing vocals which keeps the song on full tilt. The middle eight makes the song turn in a completely unexpected direction grabbing the listener further as the drums fall into half time and the guitar and bass become almost hard rock-esque. Ultimately ‘Blow Dry’ is a reflection on some of today’s uglier parts of society all over an ingenious 2 chord riff!

The band are obviously no strangers to the scene and are loved by not only fans but by the radio and press alike with previous accolades including:

“The Silver Lines are a young, ferocious, and fun band that clearly have a very bright future ahead of them”. – CLUNK magazine

“Tunes that keep the energy up throughout! It’s hard not to listen again and again.Looking forward to seeing what’s next from these guys. Big future ahead!”. – Subba Cultcha 

“The Silver Lines are a band that have created their own unique, signature sound. – their originality is instantly memorable. The vocals remain dedicated to the classic monotone of the punk era, yet their tracks bring a refreshing authenticity to the UK music scene. This band is definitely one to watch!” – Get IntoThis 

“Indie rockers The Silver Lines, need to be on your radar as they continue to build momentum” – Indie Central Music

After a recent tour of America the band are now back on home soil and are ready to start announcing some festivals slots. Keep an eye on socials for more info.




Words by Sally Newman