Blue Orchid Reaction are a Leeds-based 4 piece band comprising Paul (guitars/vocals), Dominic (bass/vocals), Matt (guitars) and Alex (drums/vocals)

Blue Orchid Reaction released their excellent new single ‘Atmosphere’ on the 10th April 2023 which is the first of a new batch of songs with their new drummer Alex.

This is the first track they have recorded with indie legend Mike Heaton from Embrace who “was really generous with his knowledge to ensure the song has depth.” You can certainly hear this depth in the construction of this song.

The chorus has a guitar sound reminiscent of 90s The Cure. Which is unsurprising considering the band cite them as one of their influencers, along with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Beatles, among others.

This is a very catchy song written by bassist Dominic, with poetic lyrics not unlike what you’d expect from Morrissey and the like. Multi-layered instruments with a chunky bass intro, strong vocal and wistful-sounding backing vocals this is certainly a song about what the band describe as the end and beginning of love, while still sounding upbeat throughout.

You can catch this on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.





Words by Kitty Smith