ANOTHER DAY are the Kent based teenage cousins, who are set to explode onto the music scene like only the rawness of youth can… you can expect catchy, powerful, self-penned 90’s influenced punk, britpop, mod-indie rock n roll tunes, high energy stage shows, and… back flips aplenty!

They are a young, but a serious outfit: the mature writing skills of singer/guitarist Louis are backed by a bullet proof rhythm section (brother Jonte on bass and Harley on drums), which kicks cousin Charlie‘s scorching lead guitar solos eagerly to the forefront.

To date the band have released two previous singles ‘Quicksand’ (27 October 2022) and ‘The College Song’ (December 2022) both of which have helped to create a real buzz surrounding the boys, from fans and industry peers alike.  

With their fresh, authentic spark and jaw dropping live shows, a string of further new singles already in the pipeline recorded at The Libertines’ HQ; The Albion Rooms, and Louis’ background as a world class freestyle sports athlete, Another Day are connecting the dots between a new era of British rock and the extreme sports world.

The band recently released their most explosive single to date; ‘A Sticky Situation’.

With its straight off the bat, high octane, fast, furious fuzzing guitars and drums mixed with the rasping almost shouty vocals, this track is a slice of pure raw punk energy. It’s a track to make you want to jump around and feel alive. It’s absolutely buzzing with a feel good vibe and before you know it you’ll be chanting along to ‘A Sticky Situation once, sticky situation twice again….’ at the top of your lungs.

So, what are you waiting for? let loose and seize the moment that this track is offering on each and every level. Best played loud!

Listen to “A Sticky Situation” here now

Louis’ has said of the track:

“When I wrote this I was looking to come up with a tune that was kinda unlike anything we had done before. The song came pretty easily, the only real issue was struggling to find a fitting topic for the lyrics. So I called up Charlie and said “Hey, I got this song but have nothing to write about, can you give me a topic?” He instantly replied “We get ourselves into enough of these… What about ‘a sticky situation’?”. With that prompt all the lyrics just fell into place. We wanted to go for a really raw and punky sound on this one, which is how we play it live.”

‘A Sticky Situation’ was recorded at The Libertines HQ, The Albion Rooms Studio in Margate and was mixed and engineered by Jason Stafford and mastered by Graham Waller.

Another Day have also recently released an accompanying video to the track which see the lads pranking and messing around with a suited man resulting in him having enough of their antics and a high speed chasing ensues before things get really messy in field with a lake….. it’s carnage! WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO HERE NOW


“With the looks and the lifestyle – plus the songs and the musical talent  – to make a real mark. We’ve seen them come and go, but Another Day feels like the real McCoy, and if in three years we aren’t seeing them knock it out of the park at Reading and Leeds we’d be mightily surprised.”- Nick Linazasoro Louder Than War 

This reminds me so much of Ash’s debut album 1977 in so many ways: so raw and visceral, riff laden, rasping vocals. Great Stuff – Leo Ulph BBC Introducing 

“Like early WEEZER with BACK FLIPS! A Great band and worth checking out…they’re going places!” – Stephen Brown BBC Introducing

“Really well put together indie rockers with bags of potential! Well written songs, great rhythmic elements and good stage presence!” – Richard Latto Underground Sound 


26 May – Youth Explosion London

29 May – The Halfway House Beer and Music Festival

02 June – Gravesham Fringe Festival

03 September – Ciggy Fest Birmingham



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