Twisted Wheel have returned to showcase a cut from their highly anticipated 3rd album with their latest single, ‘Nomad Hat’ which is out Friday 3rd May. Their new album ‘DNA’ hasn’t officially been given a release date, however, The Wheel have the LP in their sights for November. Lead vocals/guitarist Jonny Brown is the only original member of the band, and more than well equipped with the other three very hard working band members beside him; Ben Robinson (drums), Harry Lavin (bass), and Ben Warwick (guitar). Suffice to say, The Wheel are undoubtedly back at their ultimate best, if not even better.


Twisted Wheel adopts more of an 80’s influence this time around, with the element of punk never far away. Influences such as Joy Division, The Cure and The Clash, seem to have taken precedence since their return to the scene. Browns ability to switch it up and still deliver the goods is a testament to the very creative and talented artist he is respected for. A ‘Nomad’ is someone with no permanent home, like the member of a tribe that moves from place to place in search of food, or the rock star who spends 365 days a year in tour buses and hotel rooms. Is there a distinction between this analogy and Browns past life of no real fixed abode? The need to survive and the determination to survive? Johnny Brown is someone I cannot help but admire, not only for his monumental and formidable lyrics and talent but as a human being. Having endured some very dark times in his life, whilst in the throes of addiction, Brown is back at his very best yet again, this time with even more life experience and resilience under his belt. Brown effectively shouldn’t be here, but like a Phoenix from the ashes, Brown and his band were resurrected once more. This time, it would see Brown inject his poetry and new found lust for what he does best, and projecting his music about the world in which we live in. It cannot go unnoticed how hard this band work. In 2009 the band were presented with the PRS Award for playing the most gigs of any young band. Not many bands can emulate the energy and meaning the way this band do through their music. The band commence their ‘Nomad Hat’ tour on the 3rd of May, in Doncaster. I personally, will be seeing them in Glasgow at King Tuts in November. More dates still to be added.


Written by Shannon Willocks