THE SONGBIRD SINGLE OF THE WEEK this week introduces ‘Scars’ by Plain Sails, a four piece band hailing from London & Manchester. The band formed in 2017 and have since exploded on to the music scene.

The band consists of Andrew Chappell: Vocals and guitar, leigh Greenhough: Lead guitar, Andy Tanaka: Bass and backing vocals, and Jack Bullock: Drums, Plain Sails provide us with a real life connection into real life issues, with deeply personal subject matters at the heart of their music. 

‘Scars’ is the second release of 2019 for the band, following the hugely successful previous singles,  ‘Made Of Glass’, ‘Carousel’, ‘To The Moon‘, and ‘All The Lights’, which received massive airplay with BBC introducing and other regional stations.

With its deep lyrical content such as: You call me out but you’re on the run– this could be interpreted in many ways. The lyrics I’m sure will most definitely resonate with most. From a personal perspective, this makes me think of an individual in complete emotional turmoil. All too often, when we are at war with ourselves we are also at war with others. The ultimate act of survival during pain, is to shut the world out, even those we love, psychologically speaking, it conveys the concept of fight or flight.

‘Each day when you walk away it’s another break from where you have been’ – I’m sure that most of us can relate to running away from a difficult situation every now and then, but something that almost all of us can relate to running away from is pain. 

This song is a realistic portrayal of human suffering. It conveys the message of confronting the dark parts of oneself, and working to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. The willingness to wrestle physical and emotional ‘Scars’ will cause your heart to sing again.

This song portrays the heartfelt message – don’t suffer alone, i accept your light and dark, i love you inspite of your demons. Realistically speaking, we all suffer in our own may, be it mental anguish or physical pain. We all have ‘Scars’ that we bare.

Plain Sails return to Camden Rock festival, with UK dates planned in the spring. Further dates, festivals and releases are planned for the summer.

‘Scars’ is out now on all major digital platforms.

Review Written by Shannon Willocks