Following on from recent features on new and current music, we are now pleased to introduce you to London lads ‘LANES‘. Their new release ‘See The Sun‘ is out now and I am delighted to say this North London four piece have brought a whole new meaning to the term “guitar music”!.

The band is composed of Scotty Curwen (guitar/vocals), Eddie Stopps (lead guitar), Billy Hawkins (bass guitar) and Scott Stewart (drums/percussion.

See The Sun hits off very strongly, giving out a definite British indie feel, and undoubtedly proving the band and their rightful place on the music scene.

The band are coming off the back of a double release ‘See The Sun’ and ‘MSI’, which was a return to the idea of B sides from yesteryear. 

The lads wanted to give their fans more food for thought and give them a surprise bonus track as a thank you for their support. 

The band were formed in September 2018, and released their first track ‘Taking Me Over’ in February of this year. The track received high praise from Absolute Radio’s Pete Donaldson and Radio X’ Gordon Smart. 

The lads first gig at The Good Mixer in Camden in April followed, and went down an absolute storm. The place was packed to the rafters and the crowd were singing the lads tune back to them. These lads have undoubtedly formed a stirring fan domain over night, growing by the day it seems. People are talking about these very notable Lanes lads.  

The band headlined the Dublin Castle in Camden last Friday, solidifying their support on a local level, and will be returning to the studio in July, looking to spread their wings with some gigs further afield in August and September. 

Its my strong opinion that LANES are not far off from hitting the big time. Very recently the band have generated prodigious attention all over the UK and are at the top of their game right now. Their music is a culmination of hard work and their obvious passion for music. The LANES lads can only go from strength to strength in becoming popular with mainstream audiences, and I would not be shocked to hear of them being signed to a large record label in the near future. I think its inevitable in fact!

LANES can be found on all the usual social channels as follows:-

Review Written by Shannon Willocks