So, last week Shannon and I were in amongst the lucky few to get to go along to Nottinghill Arts Club and watch The Clockworks perform in their first ever live headline gig in London.

The gig coincided the with release of their debut pre-release on the prestigious Creation23 record label – “Bills and Pills”.

Now, before going to this gig, Shannon and I knew that we were going to be witness to something pretty special given comments from the legendary maverick music mogul and Creation23 founder, Mr Alan Mcgee himself such as :-

one of the best Creation signings ever – that’s just a fact”


“the best rehearsal I have seen since the 90’s with Oasis is The Clockworks – what a band”.

Firstly, I’d like to mention the venue, and what a cracking little venue Nottinghill Arts Club is! It was packed to the rafters for the Galway boys and it was a bit hot and sticky in there; so perfect gig conditions!

photo credit @nicholasodonnell

As the Irish quartet took the stage, the crowd cheered, this was happening. Of course, I was well aware of The Clockworks having previously interviewed and reviewed them right here on The Songbird, but nothing had quite prepared me for the magic that was about to unfold that night in Nottinghill.

The Band’s stage presence is undeniable, couple this with their intense post-punk inspired music…. well this band are fucking magnificent and that’s downplaying it!!

I stood there mesmerised not quite believing my ears and eyes, these lads had something and that something was a brand new fresh sound like no other. From those first opening chords, the feeling in that room was electric, like we were all aware that we were witnessing the future, the next big thing right in front of our very own eyes.

The music and the lyrics are raw and intoxicating, you can’t help but be drawn in. It’s catchy, its memorable and it the future of Rock and Roll people.

This Gig that was held on Tuesday 18th June in Nottinghill will be talked about for many years to come. It was one of those gigs that define a band; one of those gigs that people will have claimed to have been at. Well, you you know what, The Songbird were there and it was EPIC!!!!

As for the new single – well I’ve ordered my copy!

The brand new single “Bills and Pills” is due to be released by Creation23 in October, but is available to purchase on pre-release now at

Upon purchase of this limited edition 7inch single you will also receive the instant gratuity track entitled “Can I Speak to a Manager”

As stated this is limited edition so therefore numbers are set and there will be no repress. Don’t be disappointed, make sure to order your copy today.

Review written by Sally Newman