The Howlers came crashing into our ears at full velocity with their raw, unprecedented ‘La Dolce Vita’ The Howlers are notable for their innovative style, as well as their reckless and rebellious image.

photo credit – Rob Blackman

From the very beginning of this track the goods are there. From the uproarious sinister bass lines and riotous drum beats, it ultimately grips you from start to finish. Ultimately ‘La Dolce Vita’ would not be out of place in a Tarantino movie – it is most lustrious in its own right.

The momentum is consistent in delivering not only in its lyrical realism, The Howlers go full throttle, as the three piece rip it up throughout the full three minutes. This band do not need me or anyone else to prove how immensely talented they are. A masterpiece has been created.

Lyrically, for me, this song has a clear message – live unapologetically and authentically as yourself. We all feel the pressures to conform throughout our lives — to the expectations, values or world views of others, be it in our intimate circles or in society at large. In the short run, it can seem the easy way out to simply bend to the opinions of others in our pursuits of intimacy, acceptance and achievement. It’s only in the long run that we realize this “success” can bring little happiness, because it’s a kind made for the life of another.

The harder path, in the short run, is the one we chart ourselves. But down the road, the destination has our name inscribed above the doorway, with love and fulfilment waiting for us on the other end ‘La Dolce Vita’ is the ultimate act of rebellion against all things mainstream. It is a voice for the outcasts and misfits of society. As our culture seemingly contributes its drop into the netherworld of stupidity, ‘La Dolce Vita’ is about putting up
resistance and joining the crusade in preserving the creative mind.

When everyone else in society insists on following the social “norms” of daily life, what could be more rebellious than thinking? Be yourself and stick two fingers up to those who dragged you down.

The Howlers have already embarked on their prolific UK tour to include the Tramlines Festival on the 19th July.

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Review written by Shannon Willocks