FERAL FAMILY are one of the most exciting new wave of dirty, grunge Indie bands to come out of Sheffield in recent times. They have acquired a dedicated and loyal fan base and have further been hailed as being one of the best new bands from the North right now!

After attracting attention from various record labels, the band decided to sign to These Bloody Thieves Records who’s other signings include, False Heads, Moses, The C33s, BLVFF, Kosmonauts, Birthday Card & The Howlers.

Following on from FERAL FAMILY’S previous release in February 2019 entitled ‘Feed The Machine’, the band released new single‘The North’ the following May.

The North’ is without question a beautiful, breath taking post-punk inspired masterpiece at its absolute best.

With its distorted, echong guitar reverbs and the various tempo and rhythm changes, keeping you enthralled and enagaged, jumping round the room from start to finish. Couple this with the distinctive, fierce vocals such as “Standing on the forecourts, making your eyes pour.. these people feed you lies keep you feeling dehumanized” and passionate, rousing chorus making you shout out in recognition and its obvious that this is a song that really takes you there, makes you want to be part of the action. You’re in the Feral Family Zone !

From listening to this track, I’m getting influential sounds from the likes of The Artic Monkey’s and The Libertines. Feral Family for me, also have this massive sound and energy to their music; a sound and a vibe which resonates deep in my soul and which simply cannot be ignored. Feral Family are now in my head and in my heart. Indeed, from the very first listen , I was absolutely hooked. This song and this band will most definitely be a firm favourite on my playlists.

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Review written by Sally Newman