Review by Bobby Smith 25.02.2020

I made it to ‘The Lex‘ with 15 minutes to spare and was greeted with a smile as I signed in under ‘The Songbird’ and a ‘please help yourself to some branded complimentary sweets’ – which I did!

They were Love Hearts ~ and as sweet as they were on the taste buds, walking upstairs and into the venue had a more comprehensive affect on my blood sugar levels as a whole.

What greeted me inside could be described as ….




The atmosphere was all of the above and more and vibes were high as the crowd waited patiently as the stage time fast approached for ‘Cruel Hearts Club‘.

Those that know me will know I am fond of a phrase or two – and so here’s another couple for you ‘First impressions count’ and ‘… the first bite is always with the eye’.

Before they even struck a note – Cruel Hearts Club stood on stage and looked every inch the epitome of the modern rock/pop stars.

The confidence, attitude, branding, imagery, even down to styling – it all looked cool as fuck and screamed next level professionalism.

Front woman Edie Langley began the evening wearing an outfit that Fleetwood Mac would have drooled over and in stark contrast to her apparently more reserved sister Gita Langley.

Getting back to proceedings though, I would imagine that if your opening number is a fucking belter and includes two tightly choreographed dancers up on stage with you, you could be considered entitled to feel somewhat confident.

I was certainly more than impressed though, I know that much.

If you know the origin of this band, you will know that the fundamental talent must have always been there in abundance, but when you hear it all served up inside a musical culmination that includes dirty, heavy rock n roll riffs and snarling punk choruses one minute, some perfect placed pop synth the next or inside some hauntingly beautiful stripped back vocal blend and call and response master class between the sisters who form two thirds of ‘Cruel Hearts Club’ it’s difficult not to be both seduced and totally impressed.

The set is perfectly balanced – being powered and driven by the dramatic presence of Gabi Woo on drums  or complimented by her ability to be subtle too as and when the need arises.

It was during a break from the pounding drums and guitars and inside a moment of tenderness with both sisters singing almost unaccompanied, and not just singing by the way… but really singing, that it dawned on me that this is a multi-talented, multi-faceted, group of people who have the ability to go on and write songs that will be truly out of this world  … 

Getting back to the theme of contrast – it struck me at one stage in proceedings too that in order to understand this band you would have to imagine Stevie Nicks fused with Jack White at times …or imagine Coxon and Albarn had moved some shit around and started jamming again.

So whilst ‘Cruel Hearts Club‘ have a collection of rock n roll bangers in their locker, the musical disparity between the two siblings also ensures that the set has a variety and depth to it that testifies as to why this lot are already so highly regarded amongst the industry.

It’s also very easy to see why the results of their efforts alongside the talent, hard work and passion displayed by Manager, Verona and her team, has seen ‘Cruel Hearts Club’ being praised by many already.

New single ‘Suck it up’ (for which this gig was the official launch party) is another sure fire hit from the band. It’s immediately worthy of adoration. It’s got this break in it that the audience lapped up instantly and spontaneously adopted the ensuing hands in the air clap along section …It’s that instantly catchy! I can certainly see this single going on to do big things for the band.

In summary, Cruel Hearts Club tick all the boxes and if you haven’t already, go and see them and check out their music for yourself, promise you won’t regret it!

Review written by Bobby Smith 25.02.2020

All photo credits Stefan Weil